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    • charless27

      There is a much more accurate set of 22 reasons and great examples of how you knew that you went to UMCP back in my days there. This is especially true for those of us in the class of 1971 to 1975. It was a time of Lefty Drissel and his fans, Thursday night munchie runs to Hungry Herman’s and Jack-in-the-Box only after hitting the Vous, Varsity Grill, and if you were totally desperate for a weekend date then you would find yourself at the Town Hall. Your daily activities would include participation in one of the constant Anti War Demonstrations which frequently ending with the invocation of Marshall Law by the Maryland National Guard. On campus and mind expanding activities included attending Chuck Shilling’s most incredible Mock Nude Wedding of 1973 with 3000 participating and totally nude students, massive panty raids and water fights, incredible free concerts at Ritchie Coliseum. It was a time when we listen to 3 Dog Night, the Beatles’ Abby Road album, and Fleetwood Mac was part of our life and spirit. It was truly a time when Mars was aligned with Jupiter and Free Love without any concern for HIV was part of our daily student life. And, . . Each and Every day my generation looks back to those exciting and mind expanding times and for those of us that did not die in Vietnam or loss our mind with drugs we do Thank God that we were part of this era and not any other era at UMCP. Chuck Shilling, Class of 1974 P.S. I have literally endless accounts and stories about our amazing experiences at UMCP. They include what some of our Professors and TA’s (teaching graduate students) were like in their own personal life, including how many of them viewed marijuana use, the Vietnam War, U.S Government, and what our Free Love observance meant to most students from the Greeks to the Dorm Rats.

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