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I Moved Out Of Home When I Did My Undergraduate And Here's Why I Wish I Didn't Have To

Honestly, a big factor is money.

Hi there, my name is Clare! Before I moved to a big city to study communications, I lived in a small town on the far south coast of NSW called Narooma.

Aerial shot of a small town nestled in the hills with water winding its way through

But, like a lot of people in towns like these, I had to move out of home to pursue higher education.

Young person standing on a train platform with their phone and smiling at the camera

Here's why I wish I could have stayed studying at home a little longer.

Let's start with the most obvious one — money.

Person putting a coin into a piggy bank

And with that money, I could have gotten a jump start on all my future plans.

Three people working in a shared space with two of them high-fiving

Then there's the flexibility and support network that I left when I moved out of home.

Person on a video conferencing call at home

Not to mention, studying online opens up the whole of Australia.

Person sitting at a table at home with a laptop and open book

Whatever option you're going for, everyone's study experience is unique and if you're starting out right now — there's a whole range of ways you can further your education, without having to leave home.

While I still thoroughly enjoyed living out of home throughout my studies, I've said it before and I'll say it again — if my parents lived in a city, rather than a small coastal town, I'd still probably be living at home today.

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