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The McDonald’s Restaurant: 'A Burger Story'!

They are almost everywhere. If a small town with only one stoplight has a fast-food restaurant, it will be a McDonald's. This is the story of the world famous McDonald’s Restaurant Burgers.

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They've been around for a long time - since 1955

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This has given them plenty of time to get good at what they do and to build up a reputation. They are almost everywhere. If a small town with only one stoplight has a fast-food restaurant, it will be a McDonald's. They are consistent and familiar. You can be thousands of miles from home, and you will know what to expect from the food and service. Their food is inexpensive and tasty.

Hot Dog Stand—a humble beginning

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The present day fast food giant’s original founders were Richard and Maurice McDonald, two brothers who opened a hot dog called “McDonald’s” stand near the Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia, California during the late 1930s. At that time, the concept was rather new. Something no one was doing at that time. People had to order what they wanted to eat and it was then prepared on the spot.

But what Richard and Maurice McDonald introduced was that the burgers and milkshakes be prepared beforehand and then be presented to the customer as they ordered. This meant that meals had to be made very quickly. They came up with a system that cut down time that was wasted by moving around and waiting in the kitchen by having the kitchen custom-built. This reduced time taken cooking meals and customers were severed almost instantaneously.

The Cheese Burger

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Initially, McDonald’s only served hot dogs, fries and milkshakes. But as the franchise began to grow, more and more fast food items began to appear on the menus at McDonald’s. One of the most prominent items on the menu is the famous McDonald’s Cheese Burger. The Cheese Burger itself has become an icon of McDonald’s throughout the years, it was an instant hit when it was first introduced during the late 1940’s.

The cheeseburger is quite similar to a regular hamburger, but with a slice of cheese added under the top bun. The cheese is typically added shortly before the patty is fully cooked which allows the cheese to melt. Cheeseburgers are presented having lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, and sometimes bacon.

The French Fries Addition

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Close to the year 1948, the very first McDonald’s French Fries were introduced, made from fresh potatoes in restaurants, with employees peeling, cutting, washing, blanching in oil, and conditioning the potatoes before finishing frying them. The first cooking oil was an animal-based shortening and the blend specific to McDonald’s.

They received their official patent thanks to McDonald’s Food Scientist Ken Strong and Food Researcher Edwin Traisman this enabled McDonald’s potato suppliers to obtain the same great taste, color and texture attributes that early day restaurants had but with more consistency.

McDonald’s System completed transition to the new 0-gram TFA canola blend cooking oil. This is used to this day. McDonald’s fries are extremely popular.

The Big Mac

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Jim Delligatti was the original creator of The Big Mac, he was the one operating several restaurants in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. He was one of Ray Kroc's first franchisees. The Big Mac was designed to contend the similar Big Boy. But the customer response to the Big Mac was so good that it served nationally in 1968. One of its most characteristic feature is a middle slice of bread ("club" layer) this stabilizes contents and prevent spillage.

Happy Meal

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During the mid-1970s Yolanda Fernández de Cofiño started working with her husband running McDonalds stores in Guatemala. She created what she referred to as the "Menu Ronald" (Ronald menu), which offered a hamburger, small fries and a small sundae to help mothers feed their children more effectively while at McDonald's stores.

Initially the packing was just paperboard boxes fashioned to look like lunch pails with the McDonald's Golden Arches for handles. Inside the box there was a burger, small fries, packet of cookies and a surprise gift. The Happy Meal was introduced with television commercials, radio spots and in-store posters having positive response in the Kansas City market in October 1977. Other markets followed and the national rollout happened in 1979. The Happy Meal is often themed to promote a current family-oriented or action movie.

In July 2011, McDonald's announced plans to make Happy Meals healthier, including the addition of apples. The redesigned meals now contain a smaller portion 1.1 ounces of fries, along with the apples or other fruit. On February 4, 2013, McDonald's announced that Fish McBites, fried Alaskan pollock, the same fish used in Filet-O-Fish, will be added as an entree, which will run until March, intended to coincide with Lent.

The Future of McDonald’s

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Thanks to the innovative minds of it's founders and continued research surveying customers, McDonalds have developed an equally beneficial relationship with the local community to provide high-quality meals at low cost and excellent service.

In order to continue their burger domination, the McDonald’s customer survey was developed. Focusing on the needs of customers, to uncover new ways to give back to the community and forge stronger relationships with their customers. These surveys known as 'McDVoice' help McDonald’s to target their key demographics better with each product. They feature opinions, feedback and complaints. In exchange for these, McDonald’s will often times present the consumer with a reward of discount or an extra meal.

Such as a survey that was hosted by McDonald’s in March, 2017, which showed which types of meals customers preferred. This was the largest survey ever conducted by McDonald’s. The result of this survey was that the majority of customers preferred to eat foods that were “classic McDonald’s” as opposed to healthier choices that were offered by the foods company.

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