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    • charlenem4

      #1 This is totally unreal, yet it is a very real way of life for some people that feel like dying because all their life they have been made to feel worthless. Then along comes a drug that helps them cope but then their body becomes accustomed to that drug so they are introduced to the KILLER drug all the while hoping for a better high and a better feel good sense of being. Then when they are addicted to this drug and try to get off of it, they cant bear the pain so they rationalize and say WTF, I am dying anyway so they do it again and again probably praying that this time will be the last and death will soon follow with the next injection. It is so hard for these people to get help. No money because they cant work and shoot up, plus all money goes for more drugs, They need money to go to drug rehabilitation. If they do go, they are put on other drugs that are so expensive it takes a whole weeks work just to buy the rehab drugs.It takes a strong will and mind to be able to straighten up and fly right and say no to all drugs and realize that they are a human being and maybe someone did make their life miserable but in reality, there is someone out there that will make their life wonderful and full of love. So remember when and if you feel worthless and you are wallowing in self pity and you say yes for the drug, then remember you are not only cheating yourself out of a fulfilling relationship but you are cheating the person who loves you totally just the way you are cheating them out of knowing you in a different way. So please people…All you have to do is say NO to drugs!! Any kind of drugs. If you need to talk, I promise there is someone out there that will listen. If you don’t want to talk to someone, get on here and talk to this computer and you will definitely get some feedback!!

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