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Spot Your Real Personality From Your Sleeping Position

Choose the sleeping position closest to yours and you will know the real personality of yourself.

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You have a wise mind and you have a high enthusiasm for study. You sometimes have absurd ideas which are hard to understand. You are good at taking care of your family while the point is that you are hard to love anybody.


You always feel insecure and you need someone who could lead you to express your real thinking. But you could be very determined even you've agreed with others ostensibly and say to your self, what I claimed is better and right.


If you are sleeping on your stomach all night long, you are quite self-centered. You have been forced others to adapt to your own needs, and you think what you want is just someone else want. You may not care about other people's feelings, or to a casual attitude to treat their feeling. It is time to give up this sleeping position.


Introverted and meticulous. You are alert. You are also quite sensitive on the observation of things around. Such people has a plan for their future and also work very hard. But they are also easy to lost sleep because of the heightened state of vigilance.


Introverted shy, indecisive habits to the side of the body and stretched out his hands clinging to something, much like the fear of losing anything important, it is relatively lack of security. You are shy and usually spend a long time to make a decision, always hesitant and vulnerable to views of others.

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