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    5 Advantages And 5 Disadvantages Of Buying Local

    Buying local can be a very important thing to our communities and our everyday lives, bur it can also have its disadvantages to our community and our country. Below are the reasons, according to On Buying Local by Spriggs on why buying local is important and reasons why buying local may not be the best idea.

    1. Less Pollution

    Buying local would help us reduce pollution because there would be less trucks on the roads transporting foods across the country.

    2. Helps our local Economy

    When we buy local, we are giving money to the local farmers, which keeps the money in our communities and ends up helping our local communities grow economically.

    3. Fresh, better quality foods

    Small farms focus more on sustainable farming methods that produce various, better quality foods that are fresher and tastier. Compare to those foods that have to be transported thousands of miles, which in the process gets rid of the freshness.

    4. Creates jobs and opportunities for our local community

    The local farms, farmers and shops would employ people from the local community to harvest the crops, sell the crops and etc.

    5. Build a better community

    Buying local would build a better community because people would be interacting with each other at the farmers marker and would be able to know the farmer that grew the food they are eating and etc..

    1. Locally grown foods can be expensive

    Locally grown foods can be expensive because they are considered organic and have less preservatives and chemicals.

    2. Locally grown food Spoil Faster

    Locally grown foods spoil faster because they don’t have preservatives that makes them last longer. Foods that are grown across the country have preservatives that make them last for days.

    3. Fewer Selection of Products

    Local farmers may not have everything you may need or want to buy because some foods cannot be grown in some states in the United States or they cannot grow anywhere in the United States.

    4. Increase in Unemployment Rate in the U.S.

    If we all decide to buy local, the unemployment rate In the United States would increase because the truck drivers and other people who transport foods across the country would loose their jobs.

    5. Brand name stores would lose customers

    If we all buy our foods from our local shop or farmers market, the big brand stores would lose customers, which would make them decrease the number of employees, which would also increase unemployment rate in our country.

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