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    I’ve Wasted Thousands Of Dollars Over The Years; Here Are 17 Money Mistakes I Wish I'd Avoided

    Learning how to budget definitely would've been more useful than the Pythagorean theorem.

    Hi! I'm Charis, and I paid off $46,500 of debt in two years.

    a portrait shot of the author Charis Barg smiling at the camera

    While I consider myself pretty good with money now, I haven't always been financially savvy. Here are the biggest money mistakes I've made throughout my life so hopefully you can avoid making them too!

    1. Not checking how much money I owed on credit cards.

    My personal top 3 credit cards: Barclay, Capital One, and Chase Sapphire

    2. I didn’t have auto pay set up for my debt, so I was late on a few monthly payments.

    3. Not knowing what the heck a credit score is.

    4. Thinking that a car magically takes care of itself.

    a black car parked in a driveway

    5. I racked up debt without a plan to pay it all off.

    Screenshot of student loans paid off in full

    6. Buying way too many clothes just because they were on sale.

    7. Swiping my card without thinking about it.

    8. Not investing early with my spare change.

    Acorns screenshot showing how you can easily round up spare change on your purchases to invest

    9. I wouldn’t budget unless I could make it perfect.

    10. Overpaying my taxes because I didn’t know what I was doing.

    11. Living paycheck to paycheck without trying to save money.

    Qapital screenshot showing how it can help you save more money

    12. Giving in to impulse buys too often.

    13. I thought that my credit line limit = free money.

    14. Spending more than I wanted to on delivery and eating out.

    15. Overspending by not looking for cheap deals.

    Screenshot of my savings on Ibotta; current earnings = $42.38

    16. Trying to live like others.

    17. Not evaluating if I’d really use the things I was spending my money on.

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