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7 Charts For Anyone Who Loves To Barbecue

Fall deeper in love with barbecue by adding a Char-Griller grill to your backyard.

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"How can I tell when a steak is done?"


You can use this simple hand test to figure out the doneness of your steak. Start by touching your thumb to the index finger on the same hand. With your opposite hand, poke at the muscle between your thumb and the base of your palm — this is how a rare cooked steak feels when cooked. When your thumb touches the other fingers, it represents the different degrees of doneness.

"Do all cuts of beef have the same amount of fat?"

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Marbling is the intramuscular fat that appears as white flakes and streaks within the meat. It is known as marbling due to its resemblance to the streaking pattern found in marble. This fat content is largely dependent on the diet of the animal.

"Which wood should I use to smoke my protein?"


When smoking meat, the type of wood you use can add an entirely new dimension to the flavor profile. Though there are many varieties, certain woods pair up best with certain types of protein.

"How should I arrange my charcoal?"


By having different charcoal arrangements, you give yourself different temperature zones. For indirect heat, foods that require longer cooking times and lower temperatures (chicken, turkey, ribs) are ideal for this zone. This will help you avoid that burned-on-the-outside, raw-on-the-inside mishap.

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