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20 Holiday Gifts For Literally Anything You're Planning On Doing This Winter

Canadian winter is no joke, but Indigo, Chapters and Coles has everything you need to make light of the snowy season, be it for cozying up by the fire or exploring the rugged outdoors.

1. A sleek essential oils diffuser.

2. The quintessential baking guide.

3. A natural way to cleanse your home.

4. The coziest throw.

5. A journal of holiday memories.

6. A cute pair of reading socks.

7. A luxe sleepover accessory.

8. A very Canadian collection.

9. A hat that's warm AND stylish...

10. ...and the matching mittens!

11. A very hygge holiday.

12. A hot sip on a cold day.

13. A Canadian hero in pictures.

14. A cheeky AM-to-PM drink set.

15. A gripping winter read.

16. A candle that smells like winter.

17. Slow-cooking for the season.

18. A hub for your literary escapes.

19. A stylish wrap.

20. Leonard Cohen's final works.

Indigo, Chapters and Coles is here to help you celebrate Canadian winter, however you do it best.

Images courtesy of Indigo, Chapters and Coles.