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    Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

    It became a worldwide phenomenon in 2006 when the book and movie ‘The Secret’ were released, it claims to be able to bring us whatever we want in life, and millions of people swear by it – but does the Law of Attraction really work?

    What is the Law of Attraction?

    Also known as LOA, the Law of Attraction states that whatever you think becomes your reality, whether good or bad.

    The Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts and not to your current situation, so by changing your thoughts, your life will also change. Focusing upon positivity will bring positive experiences into your life, and negative thoughts and emotions will create negative experiences.

    While it is considered to be a New Thought philosophy, the Law of Attraction has in fact been around for many centuries but spiritual thinkers and religious followers mostly used it. It became mainstream in 2006 when it was repackaged for the modern day, in the form of The Secret.

    The Law of Attraction is now ubiquitous among people from all walks of life who all have one thing in common – a keenness to improve their lives, and the Law of Attraction promises to do just that. In fact, it states that you can have any life that you possibly desire; you just have to give your attention (and thoughts) to whatever it is that you want. Sounds simple. Question is, does it really work?

    How Effective is the Law of Attraction?

    Although it is true that the Law of Attraction does not work for everyone, that's not to say that it can't; it just means that it is not being used in the correct form right now, or it hasn't been given enough time.

    The Secret was positioned in a way for people to understand the Law of Attraction and it only touches the surface as far as implementing it is concerned.

    The Law of Attraction is responding to your thoughts but more importantly it responds to beliefs. In order for it to work, your thoughts must match your beliefs. A belief is a thought you continue to think, which eventually becomes engrained in you, so it takes time. Moreover, it is only when your beliefs match your desires that the Law of Attraction truly comes into play.

    The Law of Attraction also won't work if people aren't ready. It requires inner work and self-growth, and some people just don't want to go there, or they don't know how.

    There has been an increase in the number of people turning to online resources to address those needs. Soul Analyse, for example, claims to assist people in their journey to a more positive life. The site produces self-development articles, which help people understand how the Law of Attraction works and how they can implement it.

    Do you use the Law of Attraction, how has it worked for you?