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    28 Things That Are So Useful, You'll Probably Buy A Second One For Someone Else

    Gift it before they *cough* borrow it *cough*

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cotton weighted blanket that will provide comfort and help them sleep soundly because it provides the feeling of a warm hug. Basically, you'll be giving them the gift of good rest.

    Reviewer laying on cough with blanket on top of him

    2. A hilarious wine condom so that if they only a single glass from the bottle, they can slip this on the top to preserve leftovers. This topper is spill-proof and keeps vino fresh.

    3. An essential oil diffuser and humidifier to help moisten dry air in the summer, plus help freshen up the smell in their apartment after cooking. It comes with the option to switch between seven different LED lights all while letting out a light humidifying mist.

    Reviewer diffuser on kitchen table

    4. Animal leggings because their little fur babies need protection from cold and hot sidewalks. Plus, this prevents them from bringing in tons of dirt and germs that they'd otherwise pick up on their walk.

    5. A car clip sauce holder so they can enjoy their to-go order on-the-go without ruining the car *or* their outfit. This double dipper allows them to conveniently dunk nuggets, fries, or even a burger without worrying about any spillage.

    Clip sauce holder in use in car

    6. A roller ball which will give a deep massage after a challenging workout or stressful day. They just need to roll it on the areas where they feel stiff or sore and wait for the magic — they can even use massage oil or cream to make it feel like a more ~luxurious~ experience.

    7. A handheld sealer because rolling the bag up after opening up results in stale chips and possibly pests. Now, they can keep little critters out and freshness in by locking everything in with this mini gadget.

    Reviewer sealing plastic bag with sealer

    8. LED Light saber chopsticks your bestie can use to show off their most impressive jedi food tricks, like making an entire sushi roll disappear in under 60 seconds. May the Force be with their stomachs!

    9. A three-in-one avocado slicer for effortlessly slicing avo' and removing the pit. The no slip grip and stainless-steel blades ensure they get seven pieces of deliciousness without any hassle.

    Reviewer slicing avocado with product

    10. A BrüMate cup cooler to keep their liquids cold for hours so they won't have to toss it in the freezer and wait. They just have to pop a chilled drink in (no ice needed!) and they're ready for the beach.

    11. A "Did you feed the dog" tracker so that they never give too much food or forget to fill their bowl. The sign allows them to switch the tracker from gray to green instead of taking their best guess.

    Reviewer holding the 'Did you feed the dog tracker' in hand

    12. A winged eyeliner stamp to create the perfect winged eyeliner every 👏 single👏 time👏. AND it will last! Whether they're sweating, swimming, or crying, they can confidently wipe their eyes without fear of messing up their purr-fect cat-eye.

    13. A silicone pull tool so they don't burn their hands when they're making delicious baked goods. This comes in very handy because it is heat resistant up to 645 degrees F and can be used to pull out *or* push in an oven rack.

    Model using silicone device to pull out oven rack

    14. A TubShroom drain catcher which will save them $$$ on plumbing. This fits into most drains, collects all that fallen hair that would have otherwise led to clogging, plus is as easy to remove and clean as it is to pop in.

    15. A Milk lip balm to brighten and soothe lips with a buttery blend of shea, moringa, and cannabis sativa seed oil. Best of all, it even comes in six sheer shades for whenever she's in the mood to switch it up.

    Reviewer holding the product in green

    16. A clean/dirty dishwasher magnet to ensure they don't double wash already clean dishes *or* accidentally use a dirty cup. They can use the gray slider to let the rest of the household know whether they're soiled or spotless.

    17. An anti-foot blister balm that provides a barrier between your skin and shoes. The vitamin a and c blend helps soothe dry, cracked feet and makes sure there's no chafing when putting on a new pair of sneakers.

    Model applying cream to foot

    18. A cold brew coffee maker that has a built-in filter so they can get a high-quality cold cup of java to beat the heat, all without having to leave their home. Just add in coffee grounds and water, pop it in the freezer for a few hours, and that's it! They'll have 4 ounces of delicious brew.

    19. A sink strainer because despite knowing we shouldn't drop food or random wrappers in the sink.... we still do it. Plumbers are expensive but for under 10 bucks, we will never have to call one again.

    Reviewer holding sink strainer

    20. A ribbed halter top with a built-in bra — this stretchy top provides maximum comfort and support without any wires. It goes with absolutely anything and can be dressed up under a blazer or down with a pair of sweats. After you gift them one, they'll snatch them up in every color.

    21. Exfoliating lip wands because it's not just their complexion that should be getting a good scrub every once in a while. These help slough away dead, chapped skin and will help their matte lipstick go on smoothly.

    Reviewer showing lips next to lip scrubber wand

    22. An adjustable satin-lined beanie to keep locks silky. The inner texture will help their hair retain moisture, reduce damage, and calm frizz, plus can be worn outside, while lounging, and to bed. Now, they never have to worry about their satin scarf slipping off while they sleep.

    23. A wine aerator that can make two-buck Chuck taste like Chateau Margaux. It adds oxygen to the wine which makes it taste better and makes it spill-proof, which means they can stick to super cheap pinot grigio and still feel like a sommelier.

    Reviewer pouring wine into glass with aerator on top

    24. A colander spoon so that when they fry or boil food, they won't need a traditional cumbersome strainer. They can just shake the oil or water out and cut down their cooking time in the process.

    25. A standing desk converter that can help their posture and reduce pain from hunching over, the result of sitting at their desk for too long. Their neck and back will thank you.

    Standing desk converter on wooden table

    26. A hot styling tool holder so you won't have to trek all the way back to their house because they think they may have left their flat iron on. Plus, they'll have a place to store it while doing their hair *and* it won't give them third-degree burns.

    27. A bra strap extender so they never have to throw out their favorite bras if they fluctuate between sizes *or* if the bra is a smidge too tight. These babies will make it feel like they went for a custom brassiere fitting.

    28. Egg poacher cups that are microwavable! These eco-friendly silicone cups are safe in heat up to 405 degrees F and ensure that they never miss breakfast (or have to cook it).

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