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    Just 30 Clothing Items That Are Summer *And* WFH Approved

    Spruce up your work-from-home wardrobe this summer.

    1. A loose linen dress that you'll want to live in because it's perfect for any task or occasion — party, errands, picnics, you name it. If this staple isn't in your closet, you need to add it to your cart immediately!

    Model wearing a gray and white linen dress

    2. A stylish and breathable off-shoulder romper which you can pair with a blazer for digital meetings and then ditch it when it's time for happy hour with your co-workers. Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?

    3. A comfy knit set (tank, shorts and a cardigan) that looks like a certain celebrity brand but for a fraction of the cost. On breezy summer nights, throw on that chic sweater for extra warmth and style.

    Reviewer wearing tan-colored knitwear set

    4. A long floral chiffon cardigan so you can wear it when you open up the window to feel the breeze on a cool summer day.

    5. A plain shirt dress that's perfect for when you have to get to work but don't feel like getting out of the bed. This feels as soft and comfy and pajamas but looks polished enough to hop on a team meeting with.

    Reviewer wearing green dress

    6. A silky cooling cutout loungewear tee so you can work from your couch or bed — just don't fall asleep! The soft fabrics help your body stay cool, wicks away moisture, and blocks odors.

    7. Mid-rise emerald-printed wide-leg pants to take relaxation to the next level. They're stretchy and flared on the bottom so each step will feel like walking on air.

    Model wearing pants

    8. A tie-dye maxi dress which takes two seconds to put on and will make you look (and feel!) cool. The fabric is soft, stretchy, and flowy, so it'll feel like you're barely wearing anything at all.

    9. A v-neck mesh blouse so you'll look polished even if you only had five minutes to put an outfit together. The relaxed fit and flared sleeves give off an effortlessly chic vibe that's comfortable enough for the house *and* professional enough for impromptu meetings.

    Reviewer wearing white top

    10. A striped T-shirt dress which is slightly oversized but not overly baggy, so it feels roomy without feeling shapeless. It is truly the perfect everyday outfit even though it's above the knee because no one on Zoom will be able to tell.

    11. A printed halter dress that's guaranteed to make your coworkers think you have your own personal tailor because of how ~amazing~ it fits. Reviewers s-w-e-a-r that this dress fits like a glove!

    Reviewer wearing dress

    12. A strapless maxi dress — this light and airy number will have you begging for a gust of wind so you can finally strike that famous Marilyn Monroe pose.

    13. A sleeveless ruffled arm tee that makes tie-dye look high fashion. Who would've guessed that a comfortable cotton shirt that you used dip in coloring during camp could get it's own spread in Vogue?

    Reviewer wearing shirt

    14. A sleeveless cami long dress with pockets perfect for stashing your mouse and other office supplies when you decide you need a change of scenery (aka your balcony). You'll still feel snuggly and look put-together.

    15. A white button-down dress which pant-less Zoom professionals will love. It'll make it seem like you prepped your outfit for the meeting wayyy in advance.

    Model wearing white button down dress

    16. A lightweight long sleeve turtleneck dress that's perfect for those days when your roommate refuses to turn down the AC, so it's too cold to go sleeveless but you want to wear a dress. At least your ensemble will impress your peers.

    17. A lace sleeveless tank top to add a bit of flair to the original tee. Throw it on when your schedule doesn't require anything fancy but you don't want to be too casual, either.

    Reviewer wearing gray shirt

    18. A romper which is easy to slip on so you'll never be late for that early morning Zoom meeting. Plus, it's super cute and easy to layer.

    19. An ombre dress that resembles the ocean and takes relaxation to the next level. It's stretchy and flared on the bottom so each step will feel like walking on a breezy sandy beach.

    Reviewer wearing blue ombre dress

    20. A ribbed tank top with a built-in bra — this stretchy top provides maximum comfort and support without any wires. It's perfect for impromptu Zoom meetings because you can even go bra-less so BRB, going to snatch these up in every available hue.

    21. A sheer long sleeved ruched crop top because this beautiful bohemian piece just screams "I'm a free spirit who lives on the beach without a care in the world." Just make sure that your seaside cottage has good WiFi!

    Reviewer wearing shorts, sandals, and white top

    22. Overalls that are spacious with deep pockets, which allow you the freedom to move, bend, and stretch without feeling squeezed in because of the loose fit.

    Reviewer wearing dark overalls

    23. A romper because onesies are not only convenient, but they are super cute and the loose fit will help you beat the heat.

    Rviewer wearing the light yellow and white floral romper with a cinched middle and halter neckline

    24. A comfy casual T-shirt that will be the foundation of 99% of your summer outfits because it's the clothing equivalent of water — aka it will take on the style of whatever else you are wearing. Dress it down with jeans/leggings or up with a blazer and heels because this classic item definitely knows how to play its part.

    Reviewer wearing striped crew neck tee

    25. A v-neck spaghetti strap crop top which provides comfort and support without any wires and can be paired with shorts, jeans, or a skirt. (Psst, go snatch these up in every available hue before I do).

    Reviewer wearing black spaghetti strap top

    26. Jean overalls so you can look like the most adorable farmer on earth. Plus, you'll feel as cool and comfy as a baby in a onesie with this lightweight no-hassle ensemble.

    Reviewer wearing overall shorts

    27. A franke cotton tank and bottom set which absolutely no one will suspect you actually slept in last night.

    Model wearing shirt and short setn

    28. A vibrant velvet v-neck cami tank that you'll pet more than your own fur baby. The top is stretchy, casual, and perfect for layering in order to make it look professional.

    Reviewer wearing tank

    29. A floral print blouse which is perfect if you plan on stepping outside for your lunch break. The fit will ensure you stay comfy while you enjoy the scenic views and delicious feast.

    Reviewer wearing top

    30. A pair of satin pants that's perfect for Zoom meetings, grocery trips and other errands because it feels silky soft and comfy but looks super stylish. You’ll be labelled ‘best dressed’ by your coworkers after they see you in this.

    Silky pants with orange, grey, and purple paint swirl design

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