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    38 Practical Products You'll Regret Not Having Bought Sooner

    I bet you weren't aware that there's a spill-proof way to enjoy fast food in your car.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A car clip sauce holder so you can enjoy your to-go order on-the-go without ruining the car *or* your outfit. This double dipper allows you to conveniently dunk nuggets, fries, or even a burger without worrying about any spillage.

    Clip sauce holder in use in car

    2. A TubShroom drain catcher which will save you $$$ on plumbing. This fits into most drains, collects all that fallen hair that would have otherwise led to clogging, plus is as easy to remove and clean as it is to pop in.

    3. A three-in-one avocado slicer for effortlessly slicing avo' and removing the pit. The no slip grip and stainless-steel blades ensure they get seven pieces of deliciousness without any hassle.

    Reviewer slicing avocado with product

    4. A colander spoon so when you fry or boil food, you won't need a traditional cumbersome strainer. You can just shake the oil or water out and cut down your cooking time in the process.

    5. A "did you feed the dog" tracker that makes sure you never give too much food or forget to fill their bowl. The sign allows you to switch the tracker from gray to green instead of taking your best guess.

    Reviewer holding the 'Did you feed the dog tracker' in hand

    6. A hot styling tool holder so you won't have to trek all the way back to your house because you think that you may have left your flat iron on. Plus, you'll have a place to store it while doing your hair *and* it won't give you third-degree burns.

    7. Reusable silicone dishwashing gloves that will make you enjoy doing your dishes every day instead of pretending to let them ~soak~. It will protect your manicure, keep your hands dry, and save you $$$ in the long run. Need I say more?

    Reviewer wearing dishwashing gloves

    8. A webcam cover with adhesive so it'll never move. It's perfect for making sure you never run the risk of your coworkers catching a glimpse of your chaotic background.

    9. A pack of elastic fasteners because there is nothing more annoying than having to get up in the middle of the night to fix the sheets when they slip off the mattress. Put these on and that every day problem will go away.

    Reviewer elastic fasteners on bed sheets

    10. A laptop cooling pad so you or your device won't overheat because the weather is only going to get hotter. Add this to cart so you can comfortably work from your couch all season long.

    11. Car seat gap fillers that will ensure important items like your phone, glasses, or food don't slip between the cracks when you *inevitably* drop them. Now, your car won't smell like ~eau de week old fast food~ and your glasses will remain intact.

    Reviewer car interior with seat gap fillers

    12. Rubbermaid produce saving containers to extend the shelf life of those in-season fresh fruits and veggies that you just sliced! These anti-microbial pouches are sealed tight so moisture won't ruin your fresh veggies. You can eat them right out of the bag and toss your leftovers back in the fridge.

    13. A nail polish holder ring that has made the impossible, possible — flawless at-home manicures! This ring comfortably sits between two fingers which allows you to lay your hand flat and have the bottle directly on top of it. No more mess or stress!

    Reviewer using product to paint nails

    14. A handheld garment steamer which makes getting the wrinkles out of your clothes easy. Just unscrew the top, add a little water, hang your item up, and move the steamer up and down the item until it's wrinkle-free.

    15. A cotton weighted blanket that will promote rest and relaxation. The extra weight comforts you and helps to make sure you don't turn from side to side all night.

    Model under grey quilted weighted blanket

    16. A two-pack of grout cleaner because the outline of your floor tiles are not supposed to be that color. That's gunk, grime, and dirt, and it can easily be removed. Your floors will look showroom new after cleaning them with this product.

    17. All natural water bottle cleaning tablets that requires no scrubbing at all. It's perfect for those stained containers, dishes, and mugs.

    Reviewer dirty tumble on the left, a soapy tumble in the middler, and a clean tumbler on the right

    18. Reusable silicone food storage bags to extend the shelf life of anything you put in it — liquids, produce, leftovers! These anti-microbial pouches are sealed tight so moisture won't ruin your fresh veggies, plus they can also be tossed in the freezer or microwave without leaking or getting freezer-burned. The likelihood of your meal prep going in your belly instead of spoiled and in the trash just went up.

    19. A bottle of Poo-Pourri because there is no amount of love that can mask the unpleasant odor coming from the bathroom after they go. Spray this nontoxic blend of essential oils into the bowl to trap odors. Just remember to use it before you go so you can spray it forward.

    Reviewer holding a spray bottle of wild pear poo-pourri

    20. A pack of generic melamine sponges that reviewers say are a dupe for the beloved Mr. Clean Magic Erasers — but for wayyyy less.

    21. A cable sleeve so your messy cords don't make your work desk look cluttered. Tidying them up with this cover can help everything look more open and spacious.

    Cords neatly stowed away in sleeve

    22. Interlocking drawer bins because right now, every drawer looks like a junk drawer. Keep all of your items organized and toss what you don't need — like your assortment of fast food condiments and duck sauce packets that you'll never use.

    23. A stainless-steel tongue scraper that removes the build up that accumulates on your tongue every night. It makes your breath fresher and helps clean your mouth thoroughly.

    Reviewer using tongue scraper

    24. A 12-pack of liquid ant killer bait stations to nip all those spring pests in the bud. Your little insect problem won't get in the middle of your workday because these pre-filled Borax containing packs do all the work for you.

    25. A drawer organizer that will make the impossible possible — finding a pair of socks without ransacking your dresser drawers. Oh, the joys of being able to pull out a matching pair of undergarments and basics in under 10 seconds.

    Reviewer draw with draw organizer inside

    26. A 10-pack of Wonder Hangers so that your shopping haul fits into your tiny closet. One hanger can hold five garments, plus the handle can lay vertically which gives you even more space.

    27. Reusable cloths because paper towels go quicker than cake in the break room. These are machine washable, last for months without falling apart, and are 10x more absorbent than their disposable counterparts.

    Various towels of different color on table

    28. A baggy rack stand that can help you transfer food into a zip bag without making a mess or even using your hands. Simply clip the sides of the bag to the rack, pour, and enjoy not having to wipe up sauce stains afterward.

    Reviewer bag racks holding three baggies on kitchen counter

    29. A no-touch brass keychain door opener and stylus — aka you'll never have to touch a digital screen or door handle in public ever again. Use this instead of your hands at the ATM or to enter stores, then easily clip to your hip or place in your pocket.

    30. A door draft stopper and noise-blocker to keep out the cold, bad odors, and pests from your neighbors. Simply slide the two sided stopper underneath your door to keep the cold or warmth in while enjoying complete silence.

    31. Reusable silicone food savers because sliced fruits and veggies have a shelf-life of 2.5 seconds. Stretch and seal these eco-friendly huggers around your food or bottles and they'll preserve your produce even better than plastic wrap or foil sans hassle — no rips, tears, or constant repurchasing.

    Food huggers in use on a bottle and vegetables

    32. A portable no-install door lock to provide an extra bit of security with shoddy apartment doors. The durable steel security device just needs to be placed in the jam of a locked door and then you can enjoy a night of extra peaceful sleep.

    33. A password logbook — did you hear about that guy who had $220 million worth of Bitcoin but couldn't access it because he forgot the password? Yea, don't be that guy.

    Front of logbook laid on top of open logbook next to keyboard on marble background

    34. An eco-friendly stylish reusable tote that comes in 34 different designs and can be folded into the included pouch. It's also water-resistant and machine-washable. Plus, it's made from nylon so you can stretch, stuff, and toss it like a rag doll without doing any damage. TL;DR: It'll replace 1,000 totes bag that you could've never fit into your closet!

    35. A squeegee broom with rubber bristles to remove hard water deposit stains from your shower door, pick up spills, catch pet hair, and make your cloudy windows crystal clear.

    36. A bidet attachment so your nethers feel as fresh as a daisy after you ~go~. The device takes minutes to attach, will improve your personal hygiene, elevate your bathroom, and save you tons of $$$ on toilet paper. Who knew luxury could be so eco-friendly?!

    37. A handheld bag sealer because rolling the bag up after opening it results in stale chips and possibly pests. Now you can keep little critters out and freshness in by resealing it with this mini gadget.

    38. Bestool Detangling Brush to cut the detangling process for curlies in half! The ergonomic shape and unique design allows for a painless hair-smoothing process with minimal hair loss involved.