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    32 Cleaning Products That Work So Well You'll Want To Write A Review Immediately After Using Them

    Supplies that will actually make you excited to clean.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A four-way leather brush for your suede shoes that are impossible not to scuff or stain. This tool will make sure that dirt doesn't mess up your boot game ever again.

    2. Reusable towels because why waste more money on single use towels when you can buy these?! Just wring these super absorbent wipes out and toss them in the washing machine when they're dirty, that way you can use them again and again.

    Various towels of different color on table

    3. Cleaning putty gel which actually makes the act of cleaning super satisfying and fun. Plus, this reusable blob can fit into all the dusty nooks and crannies of your car, computer, and any part of your home.

    4. A garbage disposal brush so you can avoid the unpleasant odor that seeps out when old food gets stuck in the drain. The sturdy hard bristle brush ensures that you 1. never have to stick your hand down there (yuck!) and 2. your sink gets a THOROUGH cleaning.

    Reviewer holding garbage disposal brush

    5. A squeegee broom with rubber bristles to remove hard water deposit stains from your shower door, pick up spills, catch pet hair, and make your cloudy windows crystal clear.

    6. Reusable silicone dishwashing gloves that will protect your manicure, keep your hands dry, and save you $$$ in the long run. Need I say more?

    Reviewer gloves with soap on them

    7. A two-pack of grout cleaner to clean the outline of your floor tiles because they are covered in gunk, grime, and dirt that can easily be removed. Your floors will look showroom new after passing through them with this product.

    8. A reusable silicone dish sponge because regular sponges hold bacteria and tear easily so they need to replacing more regularly. Plus more at-home cooking this year = more washing — aka you'll spend more money on sponges! Save some dough and keep your dishes and kitchen squeaky clean with these antibacterial scrubbers that actually last.

    Reviewer holding silicone sponge over sink

    9. A pumice ring remover that will scrub your toilet so well, it'll look sparkly and new after a few minutes. It's made from porcelain and is safe for sinks, showers, and pools.

    10. A cast-iron chainmail scrubber to clean your pot so well that it'll look like it's never been used before. Other products can be too abrasive and actually ruin pots and pans, but this gets in there without leaving scratches behind.

    Chain on cast iron pot

    11. An electric makeup brush cleaner because you're supposed to clean them at least once per week — but let's be real, it's been a while. This spinner makes sanitizing your tools quick and fun enough to do daily.

    12. Reusable dusters so you won't have to order disposable ones every two days. You can toss these in the washing machine after every use — add this to your cart, and soon you'll be telling every one who will listen about the best $5 purchase you've ever made.

    Cut up fleece fabric swiffer heads in different color combinations

    13. A portable dog paw cleaner that is perfect for making sure your pup doesn't track any of the mud, dirt, and who knows what else into your home after their daily walk.

    14. Wet and forget shower cleaner for anyone who absolutely hates cleaning but still wants everything to be spotless. Just apply the odorless solution to your tub daily and rinse it off with water, and your shower will look like the bathroom at the Ritz — no sponge required.

    Reviewer shower floor before and after using the shower cleaner

    15. A pack of generic melamine sponges which reviewers say are a dupe for the beloved Mr. Clean Magic Erasers — but for wayyyy less.

    16. A pack of water bottle cleaning tablets that require no scrubbing at all. It's perfect for those stained containers, dishes, and mugs and gets rid of residual odors.

    Reviewer dirty tumble on the left, a soapy tumble in the middler, and a clean tumbler on the right

    17. A soft cleanser to remove rust, scum, and grime from just about any surface in your home. It's perfect for hard-to-remove stains like permanent markers and knife marks on kitchen plates.

    18. A chemical-free natural glass cleaner that leaves your windows, glass, and mirrors streak-free with effective, but minimal, ingredients — just some vinegar and essential oils.

    Bottle of cleaner on white background

    19. A Bissell power fresh steam mop to help get rid of over 99% of germs on your floors and carpet, plus it can even pick up sticky hard-to-get stains. The microfiber brush scrubs clean while the delicious spring scent fragrance disc fills up the room better than any expensive candle.

    20. A descaler for single use coffee dispensers because you were today-years-old when you realized these machines aren't self-cleaning. There's definitely built-up gunk back there but before you toss your precious java maker out the window, simply **add** this solution to your cart. You'll be tasting deliciously fresh coffee in no time.

    Reviewer before and after using descaler on coffee dispenser

    21. Heavy duty cleaning wipes that can be used on every single surface of your home. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill wipe — it can remove grease, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker, wax, scuffs, lip stick, nail polish, food and drinks, pet stains and more.

    22. A flexible snake to easily unclog drains yourself before having to call in the (expensive) professionals.

    23. A biodegradable stain removal spray for fabrics, aka you won't have to throw out your favorite clothing because of accidental wine spills or grease stains. It even works on delicate items like silk and wool! Simply spray directly on the soiled spot, let it sit for 10 minutes, toss it in the washer, and that's it.

    Model spraying product on surface

    24. A polishing kit to make foggy headlights look as crystal clear as they did when you first drove it off the lot. The kit includes an applicator brush, gloves, cloths, and a UV blocking clear polish that will ensure your lights are visible before and after sunset.

    25. A cleaning K-Cup you can pop into your Keurig just like you're making a normal cup of coffee. Then, all you have to do is brew one large cycle with the cleaner pod, and one or more with just water (depending on how dirty your machine is), and you're done! Now you won't have to wonder what gross bacteria is hiding out in your morning bean juice.

    26. A microwave cleaner and fridge odor absorber — just add vinegar and water to your "Angry Mama" before microwaving for seven minutes and it'll loosen the grime, splatter, and spills for an easier clean. You can then add baking soda to "Chilly Mama" and pop it in the fridge to keep it fresh and odor-free for months.

    27. A jewelry cleaning pen to get your precious stones shining brighter than the sun. This solution is nontoxic, and it comes with a small cleaning brush.

    Reviewer photo of before and after using the jewelry cleaner on diamond ring

    28. The Pink Stuff all purpose cleaning paste which is extremely effective without being harsh on furniture, kitchen tops, pans, floors, rust, and much more. You'll finally be able to remove old stains that you had given up on.

    29. A whirlpool tub cleaner because I bet you had no idea how much dirt and grime gets stuck in those jets. Prepare to feel totally grossed out after seeing all that crud rise to the surface.

    30. Machine-washable dusting slippers that are made out of chenille fabric to make cleaning your floors effortless. Just slip these on and watch them work their magic while you workout, wash dishes, walk from room to room, or do anything else that has you up on your feet.

    31. OxiClean stain remover which can get tough stains out of fabrics, even if they aren't machine-washable. Simply mix the chlorine-free powder with water on nearly any surface or fabric and start scrubbing.

    32. Lens and screen wipes that are essential if you wear sun- or prescription eyeglasses. These will keep them clear, streak free, and are gentle so they won't cause any damage.

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