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29 Times You Couldn't Even Deal

Have you ever been so over it you just can't even? Then you've probably in one of these situations. Maybe you can't even read this.

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1. / Via sukehemmings

When your boss/teacher starts telling you a personal story that you have absolutely no interest in.

2. / Via tsangg

When you know summer starts next month but you want to eat chocolate/pizza/everything.

3. / Via thejorbanbowen

When your friends who are in relationships tell you they miss being single.

4. / Via geniusbutafreak

When your alarm goes off and it feels like you slept for 5 minutes.

5. / Via tumblr

When you eat that extra slice of pizza/cake and feel like you're going to explode.

6. / Via tumblr

When you make a Harry Potter reference and someone says they've never read the books/watched the movies.

7. / Via tumblr

When you get asked 50 times a day if you're ok because you have resting bitch face.

8. / Via weheartit

When you see a guy/girl who's way too good looking.

9. / Via tumblr

When your parents try to joke around with your friends.

10. / Via tumblr

When you complain about work/studying and someone suggests you should have started earlier.

11. / Via tumblr

When you go in for a hug and the other person was going to shake your hand.

12. / Via getoffmyinternets

When your favorite band does a livestream and you miss it because of your timezone.

13. / Via tumblr

When you get on the bus/train and realize you've forgotten your earphones.

14. / Via tumblr

When you need it to be the weekend but it's Monday.

15. / Via tumblr

When you sing along perfectly to a song but no one hears you.


When you exercise but don't get skinny straight away. / Via forevertwentysomethings

When you exercise but don't get skinny straight away.

17. / Via tumblr

When you see someone sucking up to their boss/teacher/parents and they actually get what they want.

18. / Via goodreads

When your favorite TV show is on hiatus.

19. / Via mystylit

When your closet is full but you have nothing to wear.

20. / Via tumblr

When you think of a great comeback after the other person has left.

21. / Via tumblr

When you brush your teeth but realize you're still hungry

22. / Via tumblr

When tell you about what they did on the weekend and you didn't ask.

23. / Via tumblr

When you want to be in a relationship but you hate everyone.

24. / Via tumblr

When you get asked why you're in love with a band/a celebrity/food.

25. / Via tumblr

When people assume you have a date on Friday night.

26. / Via tumblr

When your friend has food/alcohol/a cute pet and you don't.

27. / Via tumblr

When your friend tries to set you up with someone who is wrong on so many levels.

28. / Via tumblr

When you have to act like you're interested in a conversation when you'd rather be on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr/alone.

29. / Via saysomethingsarcasticc

When you realize how little time you actually spend talking to people in real life.

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