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10 Things Girls Want Guys To Know

Let a girl give you some GUYdance.

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1. We want to know if you like us or not.

John Tucker Must Die / Via

This may seem fairly obvious guys, but it's important that if you like a girl, you tell her. Or even better, show her. Invite her to share your Netflix subscription, ask her to go on a spontaneous road trip or go see a band she likes.

Either way, we like CLEAR signals. We don't want to have to keep choking on the words "do you like me?" when we're hanging out. And playing "He likes me, He likes me not" is so overrated (unless shots of vodka are involved).

2. We want you to share what music you're listening to.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist / Via

In the great words of Maria von Trapp (yes, The Sound of Music) - "Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens." We love it when you share a tune that you enjoy, even if it's not quite our style.

It gives us an insight into who you are and what you enjoy - and we'll think of you every time we hear that song! So give us some mad love with music, and there won't be Bad Blood.

3. We want you to do thoughtful things for us.

Mean Girls / Via

This doesn't mean we expect grand gestures, like weekends away or flowers at our doorstep (although those are more than welcome...). The small/simple things really do mean a lot to us.

Think of the classics: opening the door, offering your jacket if we look cold (and foolishly didn't bring our own jacket because we had none that went with our outfit), or bringing round a little care package of pick-me-ups when we're sick/stressed/generally feeling crappy.

And that's right - there's no limit on this one.

4. We will like things you might not like.

One Direction / Via

Boy bands. Cheesy rom-coms that we publicly mock but secretly enjoy. Watching Disney films and singing along whilst re-enacting the scenes.

The point is, it's inevitable that you'll like things we don't, and we will like things that might make you cringe a bit. But we want you to embrace our quirks, because hey, that's what makes us us! And in return we'll embrace yours. After all, a couple that's weird together is a couple that stays together.

5. We want you to kiss us spontaneously.

Clueless / Via

Surely this is a win-win situation? You don't have to literally sweep us of our feet or wait for the rain to start pouring to kiss us and makes us feel like we're in a movie scene.

Be a little spontaneous and cute. Kiss us sweetly and briefly so we think, "wow, he really does like me." It's pretty much guaranteed to make us smile and maybe forget that you let it slip who died on Game of Thrones (actually no, that's pretty much unforgivable).

6. We like it when you ask us questions and remember the answers.


We don't have memories like elephants, and we don't expect you too. But having said that, if we have to repeatedly tell you were only have 2 sisters and not a brother called Bobby (like your ex...), we're going to get annoyed.

Most of all, it makes us feel like we're being listened to/appreciated when you mention something we've told you. For example: "How was (insert movie name)? You were saying last time you were going to see it."

It us shows: A) you listened. B) you are capable of remembering things we tell you. C) you've asked us out again. And these are all things that will make us feel fuzzy inside.

7. We may get a little suspicious/anxious/scared.


Guys, this is a big one. Please, please, understand that sometimes we can be insecure. And paranoid that everything is going to go wrong.

But bear with us. If we look worried or concerned, maybe give us a few more hugs or reassurance that you're sticking around. Or bring us Nandos/pizza/Nutella because they're pretty much guaranteed mood-lifters.

8. We want you to appreciate what makes us unique.


Again this may seem fairly obvious, but it's an important one. It comes down to the fact that we know we're different than everyone else, and we want someone to come along and love that.

That way, we can relax and enjoy our time with you without worrying about putting on a pretence.

9. We want to be introduced to your friends, family and/or cat/dog/exotic animal.

Up / Via

Being introduced to significant people/non-human people shows us that you want us to be part of your life, beyond the casual dating scene.

10. We want you to talk to us.

Gilmore Girls / Via

Like really talk to us. Get into those conversations that last for hours but feel like minutes. Share funny stories from your past and give us the chance to find out what makes you, you.

To dust off that old cliché - communication is key. And in this case, the key to our hearts (along with pizza and Netflix - don't underestimate those either).

The moral of the story is:

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