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Celebrities Who Have Fought Against Photoshopped Images Of Themselves


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Many celebrities have fought against Photoshop being used on images of themselves. Here is a list of just a few of those people.

Coco Rocha

Model, Coco Rocha fought against an image of her on Elle magazine was photo shopped to remove clothes from her body.

"For my recent Elle Brazil cover shoot I wore a body suit under a sheer dress, but recently discovered that the body suit was Photoshopped out to give the impression that I am showing much more skin than I actually was or am comfortable with. This was specifically against my expressed verbal and written direction. I’m extremely disappointed that my wishes and contract were ignored."


These images of Beyonce for a previous H&M campaign were almost released as extremely photo shopped. Sources said that she was very annoyed and made H&M change the images back to the way they were. Before the photo shopped images saw the light of day.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga said about this magazine cover that,

“I felt my skin looked too perfect. I felt my hair looked too soft,”. “I do not look like this when I wake up in the morning… I don’t even look like this,”

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet fought against this GQ cover of her all the back in 2003, saying about it,

“I actually have a Polaroid that the photographer gave me on the day of the shoot…I can tell you they’ve reduced the size of my legs by about a third,”

Keira Knightly

Keira Knightly has been the victim of photoshopping several times, with photographers trying to make her look curvier.

She told The Times, I think women’s bodies are a battleground, And photography is partly to blame.”


Zendaya was outraged when she saw these magazine images of her and spoke out on Instagram saying,

"Had a new shoot come out today and was shocked when I found my 19 year old hips and torso quite manipulated. These are the things that make women self conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have. Anyone who knows who I am knows I stand for honest and pure self love. So I took it upon myself to release the real pic (right side) and I love it, thank you @modelistemagazine for pulling down the images and fixing this retouch issue"

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