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    • chantell

      actually, you were NOT “just black and walking” YOU WERE F*CKING BEATING THE SH*T OUT OF SOMEONE! Dumb*ss. I hate these signs… They’re ridiculous. Your HOODIE and SKITTLES did not kill you, *sshole…. Don’t bash someone’s head in the ground, and you probably won’t get shot. Trayvon would have been alive if he hadn’t f*cking beat the sh*t out of someone!! Oh, and you’re right - being black is DEFINITELY not a crime. ASSAULTING someone is, however, and that may get you shot. It just may. And THAT is self-defense. If Trayvon hadn’t gotten shot, Zimmerman would have been dead. Did you guys realize that they’re only 10 yrs apart? Yeah. They are. So, you guys continue supporting a THUG who BEATS UP on people. Zimmerman did nothing but feel that SOMEONE (NOT a “black boy wearing a hoodie”) looked suspicious. He did not start ANYTHING. TRAYVON started it by beating the sh*t out of someone…who was just protecting himself by using his gun. Ok, I’m done.

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