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Women Openly Share What It Feels Like To Be Told You Can't Have Kids

"You don't have to give birth to someone to be their mother."

Three women openly discussed the struggles of infertility, and their stories were both incredibly powerful and courageous.

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Growing up as a woman, it can feel like a natural stepping stone of life is having children, but what if that was impossible...

... No matter how badly you wanted them?

Discovering you can't have kids isn't black and white. Ana Lydia explained she found out after going through a devastating miscarriage.

But when you do finally find out, the women explained, it's not something that you really talk about with people you know, because it's such a touchy subject.

And you can start to feel like somewhat of an outcast, because it seems like women around you can do something you can't.

Knowing you can't conceive is, at times, an emotional roller coaster, from feeling lost and confused, to feeling incredibly angry.

But in the end, a child isn't the only thing that can leave a legacy.

After all, some of the best maternal figures aren't mothers at all.