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We Tried DIY Vs. Professionally Styled Evening Looks, And Here's How They Both Turned Out

"This took time. This took an entire episode of Law & Order."

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Sure, it's fun to get professional hair, makeup, and styling...if you've got lots of extra cash to do it. But is it actually that much more worth it than doing it yourself? We decided to have one person get professional styling, and one person style themselves, to see if we could really tell the difference:

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First up was wardrobe: Nina's stylist, Nadia, brought in a bunch of great options for the tune of $300.


This took about an hour, and while Nina definitely felt a little uncomfortable having to try some new silhouettes, she ended up with something very cute (WHICH WE'LL SHOW YA LATER!).


Makeup application services from Blushington were provided for this shoot free of charge.