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One Direction's Favorite Books...Probably

In a dream world, the members of 1D anxiously update their Goodreads accounts while thinking about their next read.

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Harry Styles: Pride & Prejudice

Do you see that smolder? Do you see that hair? In an alternate universe, Harry is probably one of two dudes in your Women's Studies class. He always has this inquisitive look, and while a bit sneaky, we know he has a heart of gold. That's why we think Harry's favorite book is Pride & Prejudice. We have a feeling Harry would be a huge fan of Austen, rooting on her infamous book heroines whilst enjoying the drama that comes along with it. Could you imagine helping him with his character analysis essay on Mr. Darcy? *swoon*

Liam Payne: The Dark Knight Returns

The thought of Liam's glo up is unbearable. I mean, look at him! Look at what was! Look at what is! And even with the physical changes, Liam hasn't changed much else. He's still a self-proclaimed geek and lover of comic heroes, frequently donning his love for Batman in the form of a hat or strikingly fitting tee. While preparing his next attack of falsettos and Boy Next Door charm, we think he's up in his very expensive hotel room reading a copy of this DC favorite. Payno's obsession with Batman makes us think is just one of a few hundreds of comics he owns.

Niall Horan: Peter Pan

Anytime we see Niall, it's incredibly difficult not to squeal. He is a child at heart with a growing maturity even he can't deny. Niall was one of the main writers for "Act My Age", a song from One Direction's latest album, Four. The song is upbeat, fun, and has hints of Niall's Irish roots. It's a jam that celebrates youth and never growing up, and we're sure Niall listens to while he's at home drinking in a pub. And we're also sure that the next day he's curled up with some tea, nursing his hangover as he peruses his probably tattered copy of Peter Pan. That's right, Peter and Niall are match made in mischief heaven.

Louis Tomlinson: The Catcher in the Rye

Holden Caulfield is totally a 1950s Louis Tomlinson, which is why we think Louis' favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye. Louis doesn't understand why interviewers ask such dumb things, which is similar to Holden's distaste for most human beings. Just like Holden once didn't think life was so bad, Louis used to be super stoked about being in 1D and loved being the group's jokester. But as time moved forward, he became fully aware of the ridiculousness that fame brought with it. However, despite their everyday annoyances, Holden and Louis do have people they care about. So while Holden may not be a famous boyband member and Louis might not be clinically depressed, we are certain that The Catcher in the Rye is definitely one of Louis' go-to reads.

Zayn Malik: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Who cares what their Wikipedia page says...or that Zayn is signed to RCA as a solo artist?! Zayn will forever be a 1D original and nothing will change that fact. When Zayn isn't posting deliciously heartwarming selfies with puppies, promising the "real me" through his upcoming music, or spray-painting a mural on his bedroom wall, we know he's aching to read a good book. Our pick for Zayn is The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Oscar is a "ghetto nerd" obsessed with science fiction, love, and the "fukú", a curse he believes has plagued his family for generation. Zayn definitely has a nerdy side, is quick to fall in love, *cough Perrie*, and has a love for his family. This novel by Junot Díaz is a tear-jerker that would for sure appeal to Zayn's softer side.

While none of this investigated scientifically, we'd like to receive an A for effort. Anyone up for starting a One Direction Book Club?

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