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    18 Baby Animal Onesies You Have No Excuse Not To Dress Your Kid In

    Baby are cute, baby animals are cute, theres no excuse not to combine the two!

    1. Panda..Obviously

    2. Totoro (he counts!)

    3. Shark week? more like shark every day!

    4. Unicorns (they're a real animal!)

    5. Reindeer!

    6. Beanie Baby!

    7. Squirtle!

    8. Dinosaur (perfect with a Chris Pratt Onesie)

    9. I..Am..Adorable..I mean..Groot!

    10. What a wookie!

    11. Mogwai - Don't get him wet!

    12. Ewoks aren't so bad!

    13. Penguin

    14. Monkey (Obviously!)

    15. A fabulous peacock!

    16. Lions

    17. And tigers

    18. And Bears..OH MY!