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Danni Little Combats Invisible Illness

In her video "The Scars of a Unicorn" Danni Little combats the stigmas, self doubt, and insecurities of her Crohn's Disease and shows us that even with this invisible illness she is still a brave queen.

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For most of us it is hard to imagine dealing with pain everyday...

But that is reality for so many people across the world. Much like Danni Little, people deal with "invisible illnesses": illnesses that you wouldn't know someone had by looking at them.

Bipolar disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, and the list goes on. In Danni Little's case it's Crohn's Disease. She has battled her whole life with heartache, hardship, and often feeling alone because so many did not understand the capacity of what she goes through.

In her video "The Scars of a Unicorn" she talks about overcoming her insecurities, becoming comfortable with her body and her life, and how she looks forward to what is to come for her.

Danni's video is inspiring to those like her and a huge enlightenment to those who often say "it can't be that bad."

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