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10 Signs You're A Bit Of A Perfectionist

You don't do things halfheartedly. Chang Beer doesn't either. Every beer is brewed with Lamiat (Lá-mîat), a centuries-old Thai philosophy centred on perfection.

1. You wake up every day at the same time, even on the weekends.

2. You like to keep a routine. And you believe routines create discipline and help you refine the craft of whatever you need to accomplish.

3. You make to-do lists...and actually do the things on them.

4. You can easily become obsessed with things, like specific subjects, events, or hobbies...

5. ...and this leads you to collecting, reading, watching, and finding out about what you're obsessed with because you have to become an expert in it.

6. You respect craftsmanship and don't like talking about what you're up to with people until you get it perfect.

7. You're your own worst critic...

8. ...and because of that, you're also your own best motivator.

9. Before you can even think of relaxing, you have to complete a task or chore in order to earn your unwind time.

10. Because you treat downtime as a time to recharge. Finding ways and things to refresh yourself.

Reward yourself with Chang Beer this weekend. Brewed with Lamiat, the Thai philosophy that drives us to pay attention to the details and look beyond the ordinary. Lamiat is the belief that refinement can create perfection. And of course, perfectionists deserve a perfect beer.

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