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    8 Websites That Will Dramatically Increase Your Internet Productivity

    Take your procrastination to the next level.

    According to this Quora thread, the following sites will creatively keep you entertained.

    1. Coursera

    Coursera /

    Try taking some academic classes from the best sources in the country. Oh, and it's FREE!

    Source: Quora

    2. Instructables

    Instructables /

    This site curates a bunch of DIY tutorials for your everyday use. Finally, a place that gives you more things to pin on Pinterest.

    Source: Quora

    3. Duolingo

    Duolingo /

    Actually learn a foreign language or two, because you don't remember shit from your high school Spanish class.

    "It gets you to 1500 words which is somewhere between basic and conversational."

    Source: Quora

    4. Big Think

    Big Think /

    Let this site do the talking, because it will Blow. Your. Mind.

    "The ideas can help you think flexibly and act decisively in a multivariate world."

    Source: Quora

    5. FutureMe

    FutureMe /

    Send a letter to your future self and track life's triumphs and setbacks. It's like a digital time capsule!

    Source: Quora

    6. Lumosity

    Lumosity /

    The perfect platform for keeping your mind sharp after hours of Facebook stalking.

    Source: Quora

    7. Goodreads

    Goodreads /

    Must love books and compiling impossible "to-read" lists.

    It "is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. You can build your virtual bookshelf here :)"

    Source: Quora

    8. TED Talks

    Flickr: tedxsomerville

    Watch a range of brilliant (and not so smart) talks about topics like death and online dating. #Fascinating

    Source: Quora

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