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    The 23 Stages Of A Tinder Relationship

    There's something beyond the dick pic?

    1. You decide to browse Tinder for a little confidence boost.

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    "But seriously, what's wrong with me?"

    2. After hours of looking through people, you FINALLY find a match.

    3. So you decide to talk to them.

    4. You brave through the awkward ice breaker Tinder provides.

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    Tinder prompts "You're not getting any younger." Really, Tinder? How the fuck am I supposed to answer that??

    5. And after exchanging some cordial messages, the conversation escalates on a grand sexual level.

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    "Show me your boobs."

    6. But for some reason, you're not offended or creeped out by their crude invitations.

    7. But you definitely feel them out, to see if they're really interested.

    8. And you both decide to DTM, aka "define the match."

    Is this a friendship, harmless flirtation, hookup, OR SOMETHING REAL?

    9. Going into it, you know this isn't going to be long term.

    "Or will it?" you ask yourself.

    10. And out of curiosity or sheer boredom, you continue to talk.

    You give them your number, which is a huge step.

    11. You both keep mentioning how awesome it would be to meet in person.

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    But you know that's not gonna really happen.

    12. And suddenly your match initiates another dirty conversation, which you talk to your IRL friends about.

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    But let's be honest, the dirtier the match, the better.

    13. And your friends tell you that you don't deserve this.

    "Girl, this guy clearly doesn't appreciate YOUR feelings!" But little do they know, you are so into it.

    14. Then things get really tense between you and your match, because they stop responding to messages.

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    They have to check their phone, Facebook, and Snapchat at some point, right?

    15. And you start to wonder, are they sending dick pics to someone else now??

    16. They've yet to send you ANYTHING, and you're growing pretty desperate.

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    Time to send another 100 texts.

    17. And once again you confide in your friends, this time about your match's non-responsive ass.

    18. In which your friends tell you the cold, hard truth.

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    "It might be time to let this 'relationship' go."

    19. After that, you consider your life, your choices.

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    "Is this really the best direction for my love life?"

    20. And when your match finally does respond...

    21. You don't even care, because you have zero feelings for them now.

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    "Um, bye."

    22. And you move on, because that eight hour-long relationship probably wasn't worth it anyway.

    23. But there's always the next Tinder match...

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    Because some people just never learn.