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    15 Holiday Manicures That Are Actually Easy

    Deck your nails with bows and holly.

    1. The Nativity Scene

    Directions here.

    2. String of Lights

    ALL OF THE LIGHTS. Tutorial here.

    3. Christmas Tree


    More detailed instructions here.

    5. Hanukkah Snowflakes

    Click here for product recommendations.

    6. Candy Cane Accent

    Directions here.

    7. Gift Box

    Aww, check it out here.


    Tutorial here.

    9. Let It Snow

    The next best thing to galaxy nail art. Tutorial here.

    10. Menorah Mani

    The manicure you can update every day of Hanukkah! Click here for instructions.


    Directions here.


    Love it. Directions here.

    13. Frosty The Snowman

    This may or may not be Frosty. Click here for the tutorial.

    14. Snowflake French

    See the tutorial here.

    15. Glittery

    For when you're playing it cool during the holidays. Tutorial here.

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