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15 Important Tips For Having The Healthiest Nails Ever

Because there's something under all of that nail art.

1. Take care of your cuticles instead of cutting them.

You can make your own overnight cuticle treatment out of olive oil and cocoa butter:

2. Buffering your nails is great, but don't overdo it.

3. Keep your nail tools to yourself.

4. Forgo your metal emery boards for glass files.

5. File your nails in one direction.

6. Speaking of which, pay attention to your shape.

7. Gel manicures aren't too bad if you practice good maintenance.

8. Soaking isn't always great for manicures.

9. Base, top, and clear coats can work wonders.

10. There's a small chance that biotin could fix brittle nails.

11. Beware of glitter nail polish.

12. Wear shoes that actually fit — or risk having ingrown toenails.

13. Nail polish remover should always be used with caution.

14. You can make your manicures last longer with a swipe of vinegar.

15. Moisturizer could be the key to making your nails stronger.

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