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    15 Easy Gifts You Can Put In A Mug

    So simple, yet so nice.

    1. Peppermint Tea Gift

    A Pumpkin & A Princess /

    Festive drinks are awesome, but sometimes you just need a light tea to get through the holidays. Check out this simple treasure here.

    2. Mug Planters

    The Happy Housie /

    A totally unexpected gift — and hey, why not class up the plant with gold decoupage?

    3. Snowman Soup

    Kerry's Paper Crafts /

    Don't forget the essential Snowman Soup poem! See instructions here.

    4. Cinnamon Bun Bouquet

    Christy Robbins /

    SO much better than Cinnabon. Get directions here and the recipe here.

    5. Lunch in a Mug

    Lana A. Spino-Haske /

    What would you want for lunch on a cold winter's day? Think about it, put those items in a mug, then gift it.

    6. Mug Cakes

    Cul-de-sac Cool /

    Cake is cute when it's all packed up in a mug. See these tutorials here.

    7. Hot Chocolate Mix

    A Spoonful of Sugar /

    This a little different from Snowman Soup, just because you can really go crazy with the hot chocolate flavors. Tutorial here.

    Check out some other hot cocoa recipes here.

    8. Gloves

    The Alison Show /

    Throw in a scarf for extra cozy points. Tutorial for the DIY Pom Pom Gloves here.

    9. K-Cups Cup

    Chelsea Thom /

    For the caffeine lover in your — or get the cider and hot chocolate ones for those who aren't so into coffee. Pretty simple directions here.

    10. Starbucks Gift Card

    Cheryl Style /

    Another coffee-fiend gift — this time with money and beans for those without a Keurig. Inspiration here.

    11. "I Miss You a Latte" Gift

    Joanna / Waterfall Creative /

    OK, last coffee one, but how cute is that?? Instructions here.

    12. Get Well Mug

    Creature Comforts /

    Also known as the Winter Mug, because people need this as soon as it gets cold. Tutorial here.

    13. Booze Bouquet

    myDIYlife /

    You're gonna need a bigger mug. Ideas here.

    14. DIY Mug Candle

    Hello Home Shoppe / Poppytalk /

    Bonus if it's scented. Directions here.

    15. Shaving Kit

    dkpottery /

    Buy this one on Etsy or personalize your own for a special someone.

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