10 Cult Beauty Brands On Etsy You Had No Idea Existed

Ditch your current cosmetics and find out what you've been missing.

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2. Pretty and Polished

BuzzFeed / Pretty and Polished /

This isn't your ordinary polish. With unique shades and a color-changing line, Pretty and Polished will take your manicures to the next level. A recent favorite is the deep purple, Tears of Dionysus ($8.50), which is currently sold out.

3. For Strange Women

BuzzFeed / For Strange Women /

For Strange Women's fragrances come in solid and liquid form, which embrace natural scents from the great outdoors. The Mini Mix-and-Match Set of 3 ($15) is the perfect starter product for your perfume adventure.

5. Soapopotamus

BuzzFeed / Soapopotamus /

Soapopotamus has a variety of products, including soaps and lip butters, that take on many food shapes and fragrances. Who wouldn't want to clean their bodies with a Jumbo Cinnamon Roll ($6), or better, the Sushi Soap Set ($10)?

One main ingredient you'll find is goat's milk, which according to store owner, Regina, is "generously kind and gentle to sensitive skin, and has lovely restorative properties, too!"

8. Borne Cosmetics

BuzzFeed / Borne Cosmetics /

Shop owner Jennifer is dedicated to creating mineral foundations and skin care that are irritant-free. As an added bonus, Jennifer also wants to reach out to women of all skin-tones.

THE BASICS Starter Kit ($17.85) is perfect for beginners and it includes foundation, concealer, and blush.

9. 8 Bit Cosmetics

BuzzFeed / 8 Bit Cosmetics /

8 Bit focuses on the glittery and colorful things in life, like awesome shadow. The line Everyone's A Hero has pretty colors from the shimmery gold Phoenix ($4) to the sleek cobalt All American Hero ($4).

Loose powder eyeshadows are common in the indie makeup scene, and are often packed (if desired) by the user.

10. Book of Shadows

BuzzFeed / Book Of Shadows /

Finally! Book of Shadows sells empty and creative cases for depotted shadows, bronzers, and other powders that aren't potted.The magnetic boxes have cool designs and patterns like The Gilded Rose Set ($15.99).

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