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15 Crucial Items You Need On Your Wedding Day, According To Pinterest

Forget about your something old, something new, and something blue. You need your Starbucks instead.

1. A Crafted Dress Hanger

Kenny Kim /


2. Starbucks

It's your big day, so you should probably be awake for it.

Kay English Photography /

3. Wild Flower Bouquets

Ali Marie Photography /

Ban roses.

Katie Jayne / Jayne Weddings /!__woodland-shoot/photostackergallery3=0

4. Matching, Yet Personalized Totes

Vera Bradley /

The bridal party has baggage.

5. Chalkboard Signs

This trend is turning into a wedding classic.

6. Wed Libs

AKA Mad Libs for weddings.

7. Mason Jars

8. The "How They Met the Bride" Photo Op

Engaged With A Cause /

"In the crowd of an EDM show while sweating profusely."

Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority /
Katy Hall Photography / / Via

9. Mimosa Bars

Crave that wedding buzz.

Laura Murray Photography / / Via

10. Wedding Morning Playlist

Social Life NJ /

For the mean muggin' bridal party.

11. Robes

Janaka /

Leisure always has to make an appearance.

Valerie Darling Photography / Doie Lounge /

12. A Variation Of Cups

And lots of them. Flutes, shot glasses, ones with tops, etc.

We Do Wedding Photography / / Via

13. Wedding Morning Texts

Blackbox Photography / / Via

"C u @ da wding"

Lisa Hertling Photography /
Emily Chidester Photography / / Via

14. Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt

Steve Cowell Photo / / Via

Some added fun to the reception.

Lowe Photos / / Via

15. Honeymoon Funds

Regina Richards Photography / / Via

The real question is, would you contribute to said fund?

Fancy Frugal Life /