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Posted on Jan 10, 2014

15 Crucial Items You Need On Your Wedding Day, According To Pinterest

Forget about your something old, something new, and something blue. You need your Starbucks instead.

1. A Crafted Dress Hanger

Kenny Kim /


2. Starbucks

It's your big day, so you should probably be awake for it.

Kay English Photography /

3. Wild Flower Bouquets

Ali Marie Photography /

Ban roses.

Katie Jayne / Jayne Weddings /!__woodland-shoot/photostackergallery3=0

4. Matching, Yet Personalized Totes

Vera Bradley /

The bridal party has baggage.

5. Chalkboard Signs

This trend is turning into a wedding classic.

6. Wed Libs

AKA Mad Libs for weddings.

7. Mason Jars

8. The "How They Met the Bride" Photo Op

Engaged With A Cause /

"In the crowd of an EDM show while sweating profusely."

Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority /
Katy Hall Photography / / Via

9. Mimosa Bars

Crave that wedding buzz.

Laura Murray Photography / / Via

10. Wedding Morning Playlist

Social Life NJ /

For the mean muggin' bridal party.

11. Robes

Janaka /

Leisure always has to make an appearance.

Valerie Darling Photography / Doie Lounge /

12. A Variation Of Cups

And lots of them. Flutes, shot glasses, ones with tops, etc.

We Do Wedding Photography / / Via

13. Wedding Morning Texts

Blackbox Photography / / Via

"C u @ da wding"

Lisa Hertling Photography /
Emily Chidester Photography / / Via

14. Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt

Steve Cowell Photo / / Via

Some added fun to the reception.

Lowe Photos / / Via

15. Honeymoon Funds

Regina Richards Photography / / Via

The real question is, would you contribute to said fund?

Fancy Frugal Life /

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