Anna Garforth’s Art Is So Cool

Moss graffiti and cookie typography are definitely the next big thing.

1. London based artist, Anna Garforth, uses different media to create simple and complicated pieces. Her eye-catching works have been featured in businesses and locations, internationally.

2. “Natur,” “Grow,” and “King’s Cross Picnic”

Anna Garforth /

Anna Garforth /

Anna Garforth /

These works, placed on manmade surfaces, were constructed out of moss and have been considered as pieces of “green graffiti art.”

In describing “Natur,” Garforth writes, “It’s amazing how quickly the wild reclaims its space and carries on growing even after it has been destroyed. However much concrete is laid, mini ecosystems inhabit the gaps and push through undeterred.”

6. “Feast” and “Edible Poster”

Matt Russell /
Anna Garforth /

“Feast” is a collaboration piece between Garforth and her employer, The Plant, a UK branding company that’s done work for MasterChef and Jamie Oliver.

Both artworks are made from cookies, and in the case of “Edible Poster,” Garforth is “experimenting with typography and baking.”

8. “Love Your Street”

Anna Garforth /
Anna Garforth /

“Love Your Street” was an installation for the Squire and Partners’ London Festival of Architecture, along with “King’s Cross Picnic.”

The entire design is compiled of pyramids made from sheets of The Yellow Pages. Add this to your list of things to do with old paper

11. “Wandering Territory”

Anna Garforth /

Anna Garforth /


The picture on the left is the same landscape depicted on the bear sculpture (to the right). Using cardboard, the 3D aesthetics “create the contours of landscape” and the sculpture “represents the crossing of environments and a temporary shift in the daily landscape.” Which is like, awesome.

“Wandering Territory” is on display in The Design Museum in Holland.

Visit Anna Garforth’s website to see more of her work, and follow her on Tumblr, where she features interesting pictures “every other day.”

*All quotes attributed to Anna Garforth’s website.

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