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RE: BuzzFeed APP 16 Scenarios You Could Use Titus Andromedon's Facial Expressions For

Titus Andromedon is here to help you pull off the perfect face for the perfect moment.

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1. When you know you've totally destroyed someone in an argument

2. When you hate beer and sports, but you're trying to play it cool in front of new people

3. When you know you're a hot mess from clubbing all night, but you're still workin' that sh*t all the way downtown and back

4. When you just don't want to adult

5. When your friend does something dumb and you warned them not to

6. When your friend is trying to have a serious conversation with you, but you're too drunk to be serious

7. When someone throws shade at you. Girl bye.

8. When you start to remember what you did last night and regret starts pouring in

9. When someone else uses the same joke you used 10 minutes ago

10. when your crush finally asks you out

11. When a cyber fight becomes savage af

12. When your homies stand up for you when someone throws shade

13. When you remember you spent all your money on concert tickets last week

14. When you're having a good hair day

15. When you think you can do anything with some alcohol in your system

16. When you're an overall fabulous human being


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