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    • chanelgws

      Although I think the article is quite interesting, I find it rather insulting (as a lesbian Afrikaner) that you say “Black gays and lesbians in the township slums set up by the apartheid regime live under the constant threat of violence. Conservative Afrikaners, whose politicians criminalized same-sex relationships along with interracial ones, have left a legacy of ongoing homophobia for those families who once benefited from apartheid’s privileges.”. This makes it sound as if my country and the gay community within are targeted by only Afrikaners and that homophobia stems from the Afrikaner culture when our country is infamous for corrective rape which started in our black community and has made international headlines a fair amount of times. Homophobia is not just something that comes out of only one culture and to imply that it does implies that you have not done the research needed to cover a topic like this.

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