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    30 Tips To Get Every Nook And Corner Of Your Playroom Organized

    Easy DIY projects and practical products to make clutter a thing of the past.

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    1. Spare yourself the excruciating pain of stepping on Legos with an activity table and storage bin combo. Your kids can just slide open the drawers underneath and dump all the pieces after building time's over. *Out of sight, out of mind.*

    2. Or, wanna know how to make the cheapest and easiest Lego storage boxes that also double as personalized play space for each of your kids? Glue a Lego baseplate on a plastic lidded box, toss in their Lego sets, and let them have at it.

    Blogger's photo of three plastic boxes holding Legos

    3. Tuck away toys that come with a gazillion little pieces and parts that *inevitably* get lost with a pack of eco-friendly mesh bags that you'll buy *over and over* again once you realize how useful they are.

    4. Or make your own cheery rainbow canvas bag that'll bring a smile to your child's face...even if playtime's over.

    Blogger's photo of a child playing with wooden toys with a rainbow bag lying on the rug next to them

    5. Love the canvas look but need something more spacious? Win the battle against clutter with an extra large canvas toy box boasting a lid — perfect for hiding toys before guests arrive to make your playroom look ~Insta-worthy~ in 20 seconds flat.

    6. Keep books organized and at eye level with a bookshelf that's the perfect height to pique any pint-sized reader's curiosity.

    7. But you can also save $$ and make your own book shelves that look so fancy schmancy no one will believe you fashioned them out of rain gutters.

    Blogger's photo of bookshelves made from rain gutters

    8. Invest in a handy as heck jigsaw puzzle roll mat that'll cleverly store your kiddo's unfinished puzzle and keep all the pieces in place until they decide tackle it another day.

    9. Or upcycle a paper towel tube, egg carton, and a felt sheet into a DIY puzzle mat aka a brilliant workstation and storage solution combo that'll keep your kid's puzzle collection under control.

    Blogger's photo of a hand unrolling the DIY puzzle mat

    10. Solve the problem of, "What to do with all the kids' artwork?" with a set of photo hanging strings perfect for showing off their latest masterpieces.

    11. Or jazz up old clipboards with glitter and spray paint for an inexpensive (and hella creative!) way to display art currently collecting dust in a random storage basket.

    Blogger's photo of their kids' artwork displayed on four clipboards on the wall

    12. Fed up of seeing a haphazard pile of stuffies on the bed? Hang them from a toy storage chain so your little ones can finally see their entire collection neatly displayed. Pro tip: Install near their bed so all their faves are within reach at bedtime or playtime.

    Blogger's photo of their child's stuffed animals hanging on a chain in a room

    13. You can also corral their ever-growing collection of stuffies (while adding a dose of cuteness to a corner wall) with sturdy and stretchy toy hammocks.

    Reviewer's photo showing a pair of white hammocks holding stuffed animals

    14. Or prevent Squishmallows from slowing taking over your kid's entire bed with this macrame fringe toy hammock that'll tidy up *and* bring boho vibes to any room.

    The white macrame hammock on the wall holding stuffed animals and dolls

    15. And btw, save your playspace from D-R-O-W-N-I-N-G in a sea of stuffed animals with a unicorn beanbag cover. Now you can stash plushies inside to make 'em disappear and create magically cute seating for the kiddos.

    16. Put an end to all those Magna-Tiles scattered all over the floor with a storage bin specifically designed to holding up to 300 tiles. Added bonus: The collapses into a colorful playmat.

    17. And, create instant storage on your wall for other magnetic toys using pizza pans from the dollar store.

    Blogger's photo of the pizza pans doubling as magnetic toy storage on their wall

    18. Hang a shoe organizer over a door or inside a closet to Marie Kondo your little Picasso's art supplies.

    Reviewer's photo of art supplies hanging in the organizer

    19. Or arrange them all in a Learning Resources Create-a-Space Storage Center. It's smartly designed with eight *removable containers* making it easy for the kiddos to take individual bins — and put them back when done.

    20. Can't keep track of their gazillion crayons? Keep them in one place with a no-sew wrap that they can also carry with them on car rides.

    Crayons in a felt wrap

    21. Reclaim a toy-strewn play area with a sleek and modern storage organizer with bins that'll entice kids to easily reach for whatever their heart desires during playtime.

    22. Apply custom vinyl labels with adorable graphics to your toy storage bins so you know exactly where dolls, cars, puzzles, and Legos go at cleanup time. No more *dumping* everything in the closest bin.

    The custom vinyl labels applied on the toy storage bins

    23. Stop your playroom from looking like a garage for your kids' Hot Wheels collection by creating a ~va-va-vroom~ display with a tire organizer that comes with built-in LED lights.

    24. Or free up precious closet space with a stylish acrylic wall pockets capable of holding toy cars, building blocks, and everything in between. Forgotten toys willl look so inviting displayed like this that your kids will ~actually~ wanna play with them again.

    Toy cars displayed in a clear acrylic holder hanging from a wall

    25. Bring Gabby’s Dollhouse vibes to your mini-me's room with a ~purr-fectly cute~ storage basket that'll *actually* make them wanna clean up after playtime's over.

    The cat rope bin holding stuffed animals in a kids' room

    26. Or give regular old rope storage baskets a fruit-inspired makeover if you're looking for a ~berry~ cute way to store blankets, towels, and other knickknacks in your kids' room.

    Blogger's photo of the rope storage baskets decorated to look like fruits

    27. Use pegboards to make a dedicated wall for the absurd amount of nerf guns your kids have managed to acquire. It's guaranteed to have them squealing with joy while you pat yourself on the back because you never have to try shoving their entire collection into a storage bin ever again.

    Blogger's photo of nerf guns hanging from a pegboard wall

    28. Instantly de-clutter *and* incorporate nature into your play space with a whimsical tree trunk storage stool. Plus, it can hold kids or adults up to 180 lbs. Are you as *stumped* as I am by this clever invention?

    29. Conquer that catch-all pile of books and toys by separating them into their own little nooks thanks to these storage cubes with wheels that *also* double as fun stools.

    Blogger's photo of the blue and red storage cubes with wheels holding books and other things

    30. Or take advantage of vertical space in small room using a bright and colorful stackable toy cart with wheels. Reviewers say these are deep enough to neatly organize pretend food, dress up accessories, dino figures, dolls etc. *and* to keep everything within easy reach.

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