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    46 Products Reviewers Swear By For Going On Vacation With Children

    So you can *actually relax* while traveling with the mini-mes.

    1. A hands-free (rotating!) phone mount that'll become your travel BFF no matter which airline you're flying. Just mount it to the tray table or to the arm of a chair in the waiting area so your kid can stream Paw Patrol (and you can take a breather 🙏).

    2. A pack of toilet seat covers to have on hand if your potty-trained toddler loves to get their hands ALL OVER gross public restroom seats.

    Reviewer's photo showing the seat cover on a toilet

    3. A bug bite suction tool (invented by a mom) that's worth the Shark Tank hype. This ingenious device sucks out all kinds of bug bites, instantly relieving itching and swelling, so your kids aren't left scratching.

    A BuzzFeed editor's arm with a bite on it, the editor holding the suction tool and an after photo of the swelling reduced on the editor's arm.

    4. An inexpensive portable white-noise machine to drown out noises, lulling your baby to sleep in unfamiliar places with calming, spa-like sounds. It has thousands of 5-star reviews for a reason (adults swear by it too!).

    The portable white noise machine

    5. A leather passport case with a protective side sleeve for your vaccine card, to ensure your important cards don't go missing while juggling kids and luggage!

    black, blue, red, and white passport cases

    6. A collapsible water bottle you can roll up and take literally anywhere because it'll free up precious luggage space for your child's favorite lovey. Bonus: It's BPA free and shatterproof.

    7. And a pack of collapsible pails because there's *never enough space* in your luggage. You'll thank me later when you don't need to shell out $$ on an overpriced set at the hotel gift shop.

    8. A 50-count set of handy laundry soap sheets that'll make it possible to hand-wash clothes right in the hotel sink — without worrying about spills in your luggage or desperately searching for a laundromat nearby.

    Collection of shaving sheets, body wash sheets, and shampoo sheets

    9. A set of compression cubes if your family is unfamiliar with the concept of packing light and is prone to taking an *absurd* amount of stuff on vacation.

    10. Or a set of packing cubes perfect for keeping everyone's clothes separate, organized, and wrinkle free. Say ~bon voyage~ to jumbled suitcases.

    11. A waterproof pouch with nearly 60,000 5-star reviews because of its ability to keep your phone (and cash, keys, credit cards, etc.) "bone dry." Plus, you can still use the touchscreen with it to take approx. a million photos of your fave little humans swimming and snorkeling 🐠🐟🐡.

    12. And a powerful portable power bank charger that'll come in handy when you reach for your phone only to discover that your munchkin drained the battery watching a Peppa marathon. Especially great for trips that involve long days spent away from the hotel room. It has thousands of 5-star reviews for a reason!

    A hand charging an iPhone using the black power bank

    13. Waterproof Uno cards you can take to the lake, hot tub, pool, beach, park, or boat — letting you combine your love for water activities and family card games.

    A pack of waterproof cards near a beach towel

    14. A luggage-mounted cup caddy because we can all agree, coffee is a requirement when traveling. This will hold your precious latte and free up your hands to wrangle the kids during the trek to the gate.

    reviewer image of the cup holder attached to a suitcase with a Starbucks drink in it

    15. A kids travel air mattress with bumpers perfect for ensuring that kiddos who have outgrown the pack 'n' play won't roll out of bed — and so grownups can have the hotel bed all to themselves. Win-win.

    16. A chin support travel pillow ideal for any child (or adult) who struggles to sleep in a car or plane. This ingenious pillow wraps around the neck to prevent the head from falling forward — no more bobbleheads!

    17. A kids travel table that comes with a tablet viewing stand, a cup holder, a dry-erase board that doubles as an eating tray, and storage pockets for pens and toys — literally everything your kids need to prevent the inevitable cries of "Are we there yet?"

    A model watching the tablet and coloring on the table in a car

    18. A Montessori busy board to provide an alternative to screen time and to keep ~busy little bees~ occupied figuring out the mechanics of zippers, buttons, laces, and buckles. It also folds up conveniently with handles, making it easy to tote along.

    19. AirFly Pro, an ingenious device for anyone who's ever wished to enjoy in-flight entertainment using their wireless headphones. It can even pair with two sets of wireless headphones so both kids can watch SpongeBob without sharing headphones.

    model with the small white box plugged into the screen on the seat back on a plane with wireless headphones in

    20. An easy-to-apply SPF 70 suncreen stick because getting little ones to sit still while you slather is an *impossible feat*. This stuff is specifically formulated to apply easily to wet skin (no need to towel-dry before reapplying) during water play.

    Sunscreen stick

    21. And a sunburn soother if — despite your best efforts — the whole fam gets burned after a day in the sun. It's made with aloe vera and coconut oil to gently alleviate pain, redness, and swelling.

    Reviewer's before and after photos showing a sunburn on the back and a back without the sunburn after using the lotion

    22. A coconut and shea butter moisturizing detangler with 10,000 5-star reviews (!!!) that'll take up permanent residency in your travel toiletry bag. Just a few spritzes will combat vacation hair woes — from making knots vanish after a swim to taming frizz when humidity is *through the roof*.

    23. A packing checklist so you can Marie Kondo the heck out of trip planning and ensure you don't arrive in a foreign country and panic buy a warm jacket that's two sizes too big for your 4-year-old after forgetting to pack one (maybe, that's just me?).

    packing checklist that says pack this

    24. A sleek touchless forehead thermometer compact and lightweight enough to toss into a purse or backpack. It has a built-in sensor that measures in seconds — letting you take your little one's temperature without disturbing them while they're sleeping.

    The forehead thermometer in white

    25. A portable lock box that'll strap around two beach chairs to secure keys, cash, and credit cards — so you can spend more time playing in the ocean with the kiddos and less time worrying or taking turns to guard your valuables.

    the green lockbox wrapped around a beach chair

    26. A plant-based anti-chafing balm to glide on with your clothes and save your and your kids' thighs from enduring the *dreaded* burn. No more ruined hikes.

    A model applying the balm to her inner thigh

    27. Or an anti-blister balm that'll totally be worth it after you log 10,000+ steps a day on your Fitbit on vacation (aka chasing after the kiddos).

    Hiker putting balm on their heels

    28. A mini freezable snack box with built-in cooling technology that you can clip onto your purse, stroller or backpack to keep snacks cold and fresh, no matter where you are.

    29. A travel urinal that many reviewers were skeptical of initially but then become huge fans when their child had multiple pee emergencies at not-the-most-convenient times on road trips.

    A blue and yellow urinal shaped like an elephant

    30. Or a pack of six disposable urinals that'll save the day when you're on on a road trip, camping, or hiking and there are no restrooms nearby (or, eww, they're too gross to use).

    31. Electrolyte powder packets to stave off dehydration (and a wine headache or two) during outdoor adventures.

    The electrolyte powder packets

    32. A pack of biodegradable hypoallergenic wipes so the whole squad can freshen up when you're off the grid and there isn't a shower in sight.

    model using one of the wipes on their arm

    33. Or a solar shower bag to add to your camping arsenal that's capable of carrying up to 5 gallons of water and heats water to 113 degrees Fahrenheit in direct sunlight so you can finally ditch the cold water buckets for a spa-like experience your whole fam will be grateful for.

    34. Mickey and Minnie hand sanitizers with holders to work some Disney magic and win over sanitizer-hating kiddos.

    Mickey and Minnie hand sanitizers with holders

    35. A pack of Melissa & Doug Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pads aka a *godsend* in a car, plane, or restaurant. Just fill the pen with water and watch the kiddos color ~over and over~. Who knew you could enjoy a glass of wine without fearing a crayon explosion?

    36. A super-compact stroller that easily folds into a small handbag, weighs under 12 pounds, and can fit in an overhead bin or under a seat — making travel in a plane, bus, or car feel a lot less cumbersome.