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    Parenting Products You'll Use More Times Than Your Child Has Watched Frozen

    I guarantee you'll never get tired of these products — unlike the Frozen soundtrack.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A leave-in conditioning spray for curly hair so your little one's curls are restored to their former glory once more! It's also free from any toxic stuff including parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

    Reviewer's before photo showing their child's curly hair before using the spray and after photo showing glossy curls with the spray
    The conditioning spray

    Reviewers say this spray will leave wavy or curly hair (from 2a–4c hair) shiny, soft, and bouncy.

    Promising review: "This is the BEST product EVER! I will never use another hair detangler ever again. We use this product daily in my house, my daughter, my son, and I. Both of us girls have long and thick curly hair and it allows us to brush through our hair with no problems! And my son mostly uses it to style his hair before gel, and because it smells so good! We tried a few products from Walmart, Ulta and Target, and nothing was good enough. This is now on my subscribe and save every month!" —Tamira McLelland

    Get it from Amazon for $7.59+ (also available in a pack of two).

    2. A bug bite suction tool invented by a mom that's worth the Shark Tank hype. This ingenious device sucks out all kinds of bug bites, instantly relieving itching and swelling, so your kids aren't left scratching.

    A BuzzFeed editor's arm with a bite on it, the editor holding the suction tool and an after photo of the swelling reduced on the editor's arm.
    Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This product is amazing! We’ve had them for about a year now and it has saved us so many times. My 6-year-old son got stung twice by some angry wasps! I used this and within five minutes, the sting site was barely visible and not swollen anymore. We also use this all the time for mosquito bites. It is best to use this as soon as you notice you are bit. The sooner the better. But it works wonders." —Tiffany K Vasquez

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95+ (available in three sizes).

    3. A pack of Crayola Globbles so your mini whirlwinds can run around the house hurling these sticky globs at the wall or ceiling. Don't panic, parents, reviewers say they don't leave a sticky residue.

    Six colored balls in yellow packaging
    Reviewer's video showing the sticky balls sliding down the wall
    Reviewer holding the balls in pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, and blue colors

    Promising review: "I waited over two months to write my review! My daughter is four and plays with these DAILY! YES they do attract dirt and hair HOWEVER they are so easy to rinse off its not a big deal! We took these to a family gathering and ended up giving two away because they were SO loved! The two we gave away went to a 12-year-old and my 19-year-old brother. They discovered throwing them at the ceiling fan and watching them shoot across the room which was pretty entertaining! None of these have busted or ripped and they are definitely NOT gentle with them! I will definitely be buying more!" —Kindle Customer

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $10.69.

    4. A Whiskware pancake batter mixer with a BlenderBall wire whisk that'll let you whip up a batch of pancakes at lightning speed on hectic mornings — no separate mixing bowl, messy spoons, or batter-coated countertops. Simply add your ingredients, shake, and pour from the spout. Breakfast's ready 😋!

    Someone holding the Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer with BlenderBall Wire Whisk
    Someone pouring out batter from the Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer with BlenderBall Wire Whisk

    Promising review: "This is the best breakfast invention after the waffle maker. LOVE IT! As someone who makes pancakes or waffles three to four times a week (my kids are pretty spoiled, but breakfast is key to getting through the first part of the school day), this is the easiest and fastest way to get that done. I just add everything to the bottle, shake, and pour into the waffle maker or griddle. When I am done, just add some water, shake again, empty, and then place everything in the dishwasher." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (originally $14.99; available in two sizes)

    5. A clever faucet splash catcher designed to fit around your faucets like a glove to absorb the ~torrential floods~ your kids like to leave behind after using the sink. (Not to be dramatic, but raise your hand if you're fed up of wiping up after your fam).

    reviewer's photo of the faucet splash catcher in gray around a faucet
    Hustle Sew Shop / Etsy

    Hustle Sew Shop is a small biz based in Saint Helens, Oregon that specializes in quality handmade goods with personalized options.

    Promising review: "This product is awesome! I have four kids who take care of the dishes after dinner each night and to say they are messy would be an understatement! This little water catcher has solved the puddle that used to surround my faucet at the end of each night. Thank you!!" —cadencewilliams2 

    Get it from Hustle Sew Shop on Etsy for $13.50+ (available in six colors and four sizes).

    6. A TikTok-famous grape cutter because is there anything more ridiculously time consuming than quartering grapes every day for your little one? This cool device will do it at lightning speed and help reduce the risk of choking at mealtimes — whether at home or at school.

    reviewer's gif showing the grape cutter in action
    reviewer's photo of the grape cutter

    Promising review: "Such a TIME SAVER! Omg I’m OBSESSED with this product! Let’s me cut grapes and olives for my toddler EFFORTLESSLY. Amazing product. DEFINITELY worth the purchase, especially for me since my daughter loves to eat grapes daily and most time more than once a day. This has made it so easy my husband and I almost cried hahaha." —Makeda

    Get it from Amazon for $11.95.

    7. A clever sight word Bingo game; if you've ever asked yourself, "How do I take the frustration out of learning sight words and make it FUN?" then this game is for you.

    Word board with chips, cards, and packaging

    The set comes with 36 playing cards, 264 playing chips, caller's mat and cards, and a storage box. This version is a fun twist on the classic, but instead of calling out numbers, the leader calls out words (there are 46 most-used words), players search their cards for a match and place a red chip on the match. Once a player has covered the spaces on their card needed to win, they call BINGO! 

    Promising review: "My 4-year-old granddaughter and I go to the library every weekend. Once she's chosen her books for the week, she loves to 'check out' the games in the children's section. This was one that she wanted to play over and over and over. After the third go-round, I noticed that she was beginning to recognize some of the words on her own. That sold me! The minute I got home I purchased the game so she could play it at home. Every time I go over to her house, we play at least one round of this game, and I can tell her reading skills are increasing. And when we go to the library, she STILL wants to check this game out and play it there! The words on these bingo cards are words that can't be illustrated well — words like "them," "her," "go," "if" - small, mostly conjunctive words, but essential to reading. This game makes it easy and fun to learn those words. I simply can't praise this game enough." —Molly Harrington

    Get it from Amazon for $9.04 (originally $12.99). 

    8. A bestselling Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy boasting catchy, classical melodies (by Mozart, Vivaldi, and other masters) and twinkling lights that any parent will tell you is their secret weapon in the car, stroller, or literally anywhere to immediately calm down a fussy baby.

    reviewer's photo of the toy lit up
    reviewer's photo of their baby holding the toy

    Promising review: "Best $ spent! This product is a life saver. We take this with us on car rides, to restaurants, shopping, or just in the house. Nothing distracts my son and entertains him like this toy. The combination of music and lights is perfect — not too overwhelming. I would have easily paid double considering how often we use it and how it takes him from crying to calm instantly. I like the two different volumes so you can still hear the music if you are in a louder environment. My only complaint is the songs are too short, you constantly are pushing the button for the next song." —Einat

    Get it from Amazon for $7.86 (originally $10.49). 

    9. Melissa & Doug activity book with a pair of safe scissors to channel their (*cough* destructive) energy into a creative activity that'll put their fine motor skills to the test.

    A pair of yellow scissors and an activity pad
    Reviewer's child practicing cutting a watermelon graphic from the activity pad using the yellow scissors

    Promising review: "Hours of cutting fun. My daughter LOVES this book. I purchased it to help with her fine motor skills and she has been cutting out all of the shapes ever since. I love that the activities in the book start of simple and get progressively more difficult as you go on towards the end. Also, though the scissors will cut the paper in the book, they are not sharp enough to cut your child, their clothing, your curtains, etc. That's a bonus over other preschoolers' scissors." —KT

    Promising review: "This book is fantastic! My son looks forward to practicing his cutting skills EVERYDAY! The pictures are very colorful. He enjoys putting the puzzles together. We love learning to cut!" —Kristi

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    10. And a Melissa & Doug magnetic calendar to help teach your preschooler the days of the week, months and the weather in a hands-on, interactive way. They'll jump out of bed eagerly to update it every morning.

    The magnetic daily calendar
    Reviewer's child using the magnetic calendar

    Promising review: "My 3-year-old son loves updating this calendar each morning. It's a great daily activity and helps with planning what activities are on the schedule for that day. It also helps him learn the days of the week and what day of the month it is." —familyof3

    Get it from Amazon for $18.43 (originally $27.99). 

    11. The Pink Stuff, a magical all-purpose cleaning paste so you don't need to go into full panic mode when lipstick (or Sharpie) marks mysteriously appear on your walls. (Good luck keeping the little Picassos out of your makeup bag though!)

    Reviewer removing lipstick from the walls using the pink paste
    The Pink Stuff

    Promising review: "This stuff is magic! Found this product on TikTok. I don’t think I’ve ever seen value like I do this product! Literally use it on EVERYTHING!! Kids and teens have dirt, grime, and grease on their walls? This will make it look like a new paint job. Baseboards need some love? A pea size amount of this makes them look brand new. Need a shoe cleaner? PERFECT for sneakers. I could name a million more uses, but I can ASSURE you this is worth every penny. What’s more? You need such LITTLE of this product, it will last a VERY long time. Thank you TikTok!!!" —Rachel in CLT

    Get it from Amazon for $5.97+ (also available in two-packs and three-packs).

    12. A value pack of reusable 500+ puffy stickers that'll keep your little one engaged for hours (which is nothing short of a miracle, TBH). Plus, they're easy for little ones to peel, stick...and restick all by themselves.

    20 sheets of stickers

    The stickers feature letters, numbers, vehicles, butterflies, deep-sea life, animals, fish, dinosaurs, and more.

    Promising review: "Great stickers, great value, endless possibilities! These are wonderful! You’d think you have enough for the rest of your life but you don’t :) my 2- and 4-year-old love them so much we are using them almost everyday! They stick great and my 2-year-old can take them off himself and you can easily restick them and they’ll still be sticky enough. We use blue paper and use the ocean animals or green for jungle animals or embellish a picture. Recently we used them to make an ABC book, so you have endless possibilities with these!" —Noelle

    Get a pack of 20 sheets from Amazon for $7.99.

    13. And a cult-favorite stain remover especially great for stubborn stains like grass, oil, or blood. You can count on on this concentrated spot treatment to make messes from your kids' clothes disappear.

    Reviewer's photo showing a stained swimsuit
    Reviewer's after photo showing a clean swimsuit without stains

    Promising review: "This is the best stain remover I have ever used! I wish I would have found it years ago! My daughter is 6, and I can't think of how many stains this product hasn't gotten out for us, even old set-in stains that I thought were hopeless. A friend turned me on to this stuff, and now I will never go without it! A must-have for anyone with kids." —Lauren Ruffin

    Get it Amazon for $4.99+ (available in three sizes and various multi packs). 

    14. An Itzy Ritzy adjustable stroller organizer so you can finally stop juggling a coffee cup, water bottle, phone, and keys all while trying to wrangle a baby and actually *enjoy* a stroll around the neighborhood with your bundle of joy.

    The stroller organizer in coffee and cream
    reviewer's photo of the stroller organizer in blush

    Itzy Ritzy is a small biz owned by parents of three babes that specializes in creating safe, stylish parenting gear.

    Promising review: "Love love love!! Use this every single day!! It has been so helpful, not to mention how gorgeous it is! We get so many compliments on it and matches her diaper bag! Would definitely recommend this to any of my moms!!"shae Cox

    Get it from Amazon for $24.50+ (originally $29.99; available in seven styles).

    15. A sleek touchless forehead thermometer with a built-in sensor that measures in seconds. Added bonus: You can take your baby's temperature while they're sleeping.

    The forehead thermometer in white
    Reviewer taking temperature of their child

    Promising review: "This is a great thermometer — accurate, looks great, a must have! If you have kids, forget about sticking a thermometer in their ears. I have four kids now and a thermometer is a must have. Hold this thing close to the forehead, push the button in and you get a reading in about one second. This thing looks good, feels good, and is accurate. We’ve used multiple thermometers in the past. The head scanner that you run across the good. In-ear thermometers...accurate, but expect a battle. Rectal thermometers...very accurate, but expect a war. This is the easiest one out of all of them. We find it especially useful when we need the quick 'I don’t feel that great' check...i.e., man cold. Overall, highly recommend!."—BearDownChi1

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99 (originally $54.99). 

    16. An ingenious sandwich cutter and sealer so you can make your own Smuckers Uncrustables copycats at home without spending nearly $10 for a box. Prepare for your life to be *utterly butterly* changed.

    Reviewer's photo showing homemade Uncrustables
    The sandwich cutter and sealer

    Promising review: "Absolutely love this! Wish I’d had it long ago. I make 'Uncrustables' everyday and the kids don’t know they don’t come from the store! Definitely would buy again." —dorothy924

    Get it from Amazon for $6.96+ (originally $7.96; available in four colors).

    17. A set of washable dab and dot markers if you'd like to encourage little Picassos to ~dabble~ in painting without making a huge mess. (Say goodbye to paint splatters and drippy brushes).

    reviewer's photo of the pink and yellow paint pens
    reviewer's children painting dots with the markers

    The set comes with eight paint markers and a downloadable 101 Easy Dot Marker Activities PDF. 

    Promising review: "A must-have for toddlers. My son started using this when he was 2 and now he is 3. We've used this everyday and he never gets tired of it. He just loves doing dab and dot with letters and numbers. I also love the free printables included and I love how easy it is for my son to hold it with his tiny hands. I definitely recommend it." —Heriberto Mendoza

    Get a set from Amazon for $14.99+ (originally $21.99; also available in a two-pack). 

    18. A pack of sink extenders you can install on any faucet to enable your little one to finally reach the water all by themselves *and* to save your back the strain of hoisting them over the sink.

    A child washing hands in the sink using a sink extender on the faucet
    Gif of water flowing through a faucet extender attached to a faucet

    Promising review: "LOVE this! My 1- and 3-year-old love watching their hands now and my back gets a nice break. Adding the faucet extenders and a step stool to our bedtime/morning routine has been a godsend. Great bargain for the price. —TeaBea21

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $10.95+ (also available in two other styles).

    19. A machine-washable Tiny Twinkle full-sleeved bib because your messy eater tends to get covered head to toe in applesauce. This will provide more coverage than a regular ol' bib to save their clothes from food stains.

    The long sleeve bib with rainbows on it
    A child wearing the bib in a high chair

    Tiny Twinkle is a small biz based in Phoenix that creates high quality, safe products for babies, children, and parents. 

    Promising review: "My kids hate wearing bibs and are the messiest eaters I’ve ever seen. I will do two loads of laundry a day because they get so dirty… But not anymore. This apron covers their little arms and all of their clothes so that I don’t have to do the laundry after every single meal! And if it gets gross I pop it in the washer and it’s good as new. I’ve ordered four of them! You need this, your friends need this." —Abigail Wood

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in 28 colors and in two sizes).

    20. A pack of silicone dino ice pop molds for taking homemade popsicles to a ~dino-mite~ level, y'all. Just fill them with juice, yogurt, or smoothies to make homemade versions of store-bought ones.

    Four dinosaur ice pops
    reviewer's photo of a dinosaur popsicle they made

    Promising review: "I bought these a couple weeks ago and my family has been using them almost everyday since then. We LOVE the cute dinosaur shapes, and they come out perfectly almost every time! The T-rex does require a bit more care to take out but we have managed to get it out without breaking almost every single time. One of my favorite purchases of the year!" —Sehgal

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $12.80+ (originally $16; available in four designs). 

    21. A detangling brush that'll glide through knots to turn your kiddo's daily hair-brushing ordeal into a painless experience minus the *ouchies or tears* (for both of you). Just trust the 30,000+ people who gave it a 5-star review.

    The ergonomic shaped brush in turquoise
    Reviewer's before photo of their child with knotted hair
    Reviewer's after photo of smooth hair from using the brush

    Reviewers swear this brush works on all hair types: straight, wavy, or curly (from 3a–4c hair).

    Promising review: "Finally...a brush my kids will actually use! We have two girls, both of whom are under 10 and have long hair. The crying and screaming we've always gotten during hair-brushing time has been out of control. I saw a recommendation of this brush somewhere online so I took a chance (less than $20 for a chance of no more tears? I'm in). Flash forward to a few weeks later...we've gotten a second brush, because my youngest wanted her own. They both now spend ages brushing their hair, enjoying how soft it feels and how easy the brush goes through tangles. The little one actually asked me to brush her hair last night...just because she likes how it feels. I am beyond thrilled. If you have a kid that struggles to let you brush her hair or get out tangles, GET THIS BRUSH! You will not be sorry." —L. Clark

    Get it f