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    24 Kid's Skin And Hair Products That Seriously Just *Work*

    Holy grail moisturizing cream, anti-nail-biting pen, bubble bath pods designed for kids with eczema, and more to help solve all your kids' skin-related woes.

    1. Cerave moisturizing cream parents call their "holy grail" because it works wonders to keep their kid's eczema flare-ups at bay and soothe dry, chapped winter skin. It's formulated to provide intense moisturizing protection for babies with a gentle, fragrance- and paraben-free formula.

    the moisturizing cream

    2. And a pack of gentle bubble pods designed for kids who have eczema (or extra-sensitive skin) so they can finally indulge in some sudsy fun without worry that it will trigger flare-ups. These use calming, natural ingredients but still make a TON of long-lasting bubbles. 🛁🛁🛁

    3. A pack of brightly colored Crayola hand sanitizers for getting reluctant kids ~actually~ excited about disinfecting their hands. (Don't worry, parents, they dry clear just like any other sanitizer).

    4. An anti-nail-biting pen that tastes sooo awful it'll basically make your kiddos want to 🤮 at the very thought of biting their nails or sucking their thumb *ever again* (which is exactly the point).

    5. And a viral TikTok pick 'n peel stone reviewers say will provide an oh so satisfying alternative if your kids can't stop picking their skin due to anxiety or habit.

    A model using a tiny hook to pick blue paint out of a lava rock with tiny holes

    6. A leave-in conditioning spray for curly hair so your little one's curls are restored to their former glory once more! It's also free from any toxic stuff including parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

    Reviewer's before photo showing their child's curly hair before using the spray and after photo showing glossy curls with the spray

    7. A coconut and shea butter conditioning detangler with 10,000 5-star reviews (!!!) raving that it's the BEST STUFF ON THE PLANET. Just a few spritzes will combat hair woes — from making knots vanish after a swim to taming frizz when humidity is *through the roof*.

    8. A cradle cap comb that'll remove dry skin from your bubba's scalp ~oh so gently~ using soft rubber bristles and a fine-toothed comb.

    A baby's head with dry scales on the left and the same baby's head looking smoother and flake-free on the right

    9. A therapeutic anti-fungal bodywash made with a blend of essential oils including tea tree oil to clear up a whole host of skin issues like athlete's foot, ringworm, toenail fungus, and body odor.

    The body wash in a blue bottle

    10. A soothing shampoo scalp massager to exfoliate your tiny human's scalp so they don't have to suffer all the itchy, flaky dryness that tends to rear its ugly *head* as the days get colder.

    11. A bug bite suction tool (invented by a mom) that's worth the Shark Tank hype. This ingenious device sucks out all kinds of bug bites, instantly relieving itching and swelling, so your kids aren't left trying to scratch their skin off.

    12. A creamy unicorn whipped body butter topped with a hint of glitter that'll not only soak into the skin decadently (no greasy residue!) but will also add a sprinkle of magic dust to anyone's day.

    Mini jars containing the rainbow colored whipped cream

    13. A detangling brush that'll glide through knots to turn your kiddo's daily hair-brushing ordeal into a painless experience without *ouchies or tears* (for both of you). Just trust the 40,000+ people who gave it a 5-star review.

    14. And a Revlon hot-air brush because it takes a gazillion hours to blow-dry and style your and your child's hair every morning. This tool will deliver a sleek, salon-quality blowout in *half the time* and miraculously get you out the door.

    15. A lip repair night treatment that'll work intensely to heal chapped, cracked, and bleeding lips tormented by cold weather before you can even think, "those lips need some serious TLC."

    16. And an organic beeswax lip balm made with hydrating and nourishing coconut oil and shea, mango, and cocoa butters to alleviate dry lips. They're a cut above your regular lip balm, boasting compostable packaging that won't end up in the landfill.

    17. A box of wart-removing pads that'll help get rid of pesky growths. Stick it on just like a bandage (meaning these will actually stay put on active kids)  and BAM — warts gone! 

    Promising review: "This stuff WORKS!! My daughter had a wart on the bottom of her foot for almost a year. The doctor prescribed two different creams that both burned her skin around the wart and stung very bad. These little pads were perfect! They cushioned around the wart so she could run and jump and play without pain. They also were super sticky! I was so impressed! It also only took three applications and her wart was gone! I have been recommending this product to EVERYONE!" —Sheena Stevens

    Promising review: "Worked wonders for my son. My son is young and scared of going to the doctor so I bought this for him to try out before making an appointment. These worked great for him. Since my son is young and VERY active I was afraid he wouldn't keep it on long during the day so I put one on him right before he went to bed. They are just like Band-Aids with a circle where the medication is. It was very easy to apply. Just peel and stick. I also used medical tape to hold it in place just in case my son moved a lot in his sleep. Then I had him wear socks while he had it on. In the morning we took it off just to see if it worked at all and it worked. It removed this 'huge black seed'–looking thing. My son said his toe didn't hurt anymore. On the second day I used another pad and it removed another black seed but this one was smaller. I used a total of four pads and his sore is gone. So glad we went with this product instead of taking him to a doctor." —Zachariah Knight

    Get 14 pads from Amazon for $6.96.

    18. A USDA-certified organic baby healing balm made with chamomile, cocoa butter, coconut oil, calendula, and avocado oil that reviewers say will alleviate eczema, acne, cradle cap, rashes, and more. No joke, it's a multipurpose miracle worker!

    19. Cerave fragrance-free cream that'll drench sensitive or eczema-prone skin with the moisture it needs without causing any irritation. It has a heck of a lot of *glowing* reviews for a reason.

    20. Lavinso Foot Exfoliation peeling masks if your teenager or older kids suffer from dry, cracked feet with calluses. These will slough off all the dead skin, leaving their feet feeling as soft as a baby's bottom.

    21. A Cushy Tushy diaper rash cream made with organic ingredients like calendula, plantain, and coconut oil that'll soothe and heal your little babe's butt without any chemical nasties.

    Three jars of the diaper cream

    22. Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo if you've almost given up after battling your child's flaking, scaling, and itching scalp. This shampoo (which contains 1% ketoconazole) works so effectively you'll wonder why it's so dang cheap.

    23. A box of Avarelle hydrocolloid patches with a blend of tea tree oil and calendula oils that'll suck out all the gunk and shrink zits overnight. It'll become your secret weapon to help your teen (or you) combat breakouts.

    24. A Briogeo deep-conditioning hair mask made with algae extract, B vitamins, biotin, plus rose hip and almond oils that'll breathe new life into your mane — turning it from straw to silk.

    Before and after photos showing a model with natural curly hair looking dry and looking moisturized after using the mask

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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