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32 Ingenious Parenting Products You'll Want To Add To Your Routine

These products are so clever, you'll wish you invented them.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A waterproof potty training watch that looks like an Apple Watch but exists for the sole purpose of reminding toddlers or preschoolers to use the toilet on the reg. Before you know it, they'll be excitedly yelling “potty time" when the alarm goes off. *What a time to be alive!*


You can preset intervals of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours, and 3 hours. The watch has an inbuilt proximity sensor and only sounds alerts when it is worn so no need to turn it off at night. How smart is that?

Promising review: "Obsessed!! My 4-year-old has been potty-trained for well over a year. Around the time the pandemic started, she started having accidents. It got to the point of needing new underwear two to four times almost every day. Since getting this watch almost a week ago, the accidents have completely stopped! She’s worried we’ll return it if it doesn’t work so she both goes when the timer goes off (every two hours for us) as well as when she feels the urge. We keep it on vibrate so there’s no issue in school. And we purposely set it for a time frame that it never goes off during circle time or story time so she never has a reason to ignore it. Best $20 I’ve ever spent. Worth every penny! Hope the results last." —NJ Mom

Promising review: "We were having the HARDEST time with potty training. After this purchase my L.O. loves when the music goes off and asks 'Mom, what time is it?' Every time it goes off. Wish we would have purchased sooner!" — Womanonamission

Get it from Amazon for $23.95.

2. A pack of spill-proof Munchkin snack catchers with flexible flaps that'll allow easy access for little hands BUT prevent Cheerios from *flying everywhere*. Not having to clean your toddler's trail of snacks? These deserve a gold medal, if you ask me.


Promising review: "These things are a lifesaver for a toddler on the go. I throw a cheapo dollar store carabiner on them and its perfect. I use these every day at the store as a easy way to keep my kiddo happy. The carabiner makes sure that when he gets bored or tries to get my attention that it doesn't get tossed overboard when I'm not looking (secured to seatbelt in shopping cart). Great size for most dry treats, keeps them off the floor and is a nice little diversion. The material is soft on the top so it won't hurt little hands but provides plenty of positive containment for the goods inside. Cleaning is a snap, just a quick wipe down usually, but I've thrown them in the dishwasher too when more heavily soiled. Great buy, and huge mess saver." —Ian Holt

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $5.95+ (available in two color combos).

3. A car baby monitor to provide a crystal-clear view of your bub from the dashboard. A game changer for anyone who is fully aware of how painful it is to readjust a back-seat mirror or pull over to check on a crying baby at every stoplight.

Reviewer's photo of their child on the screen on their dash board

Promising review: "Best. Purchase. EVER! I had seen this camera on TikTok and immediately purchased it. I hated those stupid mirrors because it was so hard to see my son! I have four kiddos and I wish I would’ve had something like this with my older three! It gives such a great peace of mind being able to actually see him in his seat! It’s easy to install, has great picture quality! I’d recommend this to any and all parents!" —Dallas Conrad

Promising review: "This camera is a new mommy must-have. I was using a mirror and constantly was readjusting it and relying on my mirror to see his mirror and it was stressful. I knew there had to be something better when I ended up driving at night with my 2-month-old to the hospital and he was freaking out and I couldn’t see him so I was pulling over to check on him every few minutes and it was a nightmare. This camera has been my saving grace. I was hesitant at first reading reviews saying it’s not night vision but mine automatically switches even in parking garages to night vision. I love that I can see my baby and not have to fix a mirror. Or turn my head to see fully what’s going on with him in the back. I really really recommend this for peace of mind!! —Jennifer K

Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

4. A visual timer that resembles a traffic light to make time management easy to grasp and, dare I say, fun. Kiddos will be able to see how much time they have left for the shower, meals, homework, etc. so you don't have an urge to shout "Are you done?" every five minutes.,

Promising review: "I really love this item. I needed to find a way for my twins to transition off from a video they liked to another activity when it ended. One twin would have meltdowns and then it was very difficult to console him. I looked up timers and found this one. It looked similar to one I saw at school. I used this the first night I got it. I could not believe my eyes! My son easily transitioned from the moment the video ended to doing something else. He did not have a tantrum or scream. I have been using this for the past week and I highly recommend this clock timer as it not only has an audible sound accompanied by a visual flashing (green/yellow/red) light, but is so easy to set and pause. Right now, as I am typing this up, I have it set for free play time. Once it sounds, we will transition to another activity with Daddy. I am so glad I found it!! I am a teacher and totally recommend this timer." —Gunyoung kwon

Promising review: "This timer is perfect, exactly what I needed to help my kids get ready in the morning. The clear red, yellow, green messaging is very effective. And it’s super simple to use." —J Fox

Get it from Amazon for $36.97.

5. A nonslip Montessori silicone place mat designed to help little ones to develop some serious life skills through setting the table independently. It's also chemical free, eco-friendly, and dishwasher safe.

Kid's House UK / Etsy

Kid's House UK is a small biz based in London founded by a mom who specializes in Montessori products to help nurture independence at home.

Promising review: "My 2-year-old loves being able to set the table. He makes sure the silverware and cup are lined up perfectly. I love the independence it gives him. The place mats clean easily, store nicely, and are of great quality." —Beth Steele

Get it from Kid's House UK on Etsy for $22.17.

6. A nature-inspired tree trunk stool that looks so realistic no one will believe it's actually ~a storage bin in disguise~. Plus, it can hold kids or adults up to 220 lbs. Are you as *stumped* as I am by this clever invention?

Reviewer's photo showing two tree trunk storage stools in a room
Reviewer's photo showing two tree trunk storage stools in a room

Promising review: "I was very pleased with this stool. It actually looks very good in person, just like the picture. Goes great with my son's tree house theme in playroom. He and his older cousins use it for a table more than they do to sit on, because it does sit up pretty tall (and he's over 3-ft tall). It stores A LOT; right now we have several Melissa & Doug dress-up costumes in ours. It's also very sturdy as a stool, I can sit on it, and my son's very large dad can too without issue. However, the way you put it together is with a plastic ring in the top that is easy to take out, so if you have a young one who likes to take things apart, like me, you'll be putting this back together frequently, which is annoying." —Olivia

Get it from Amazon for $28 (available in 15 styles).

7. A snack spinner for enticing even the pickiest of eaters to add more foods to their *rotation* at home or on the go.,

Promising review: "I bought these before they were on Amazon. I’m obsessed. My kids think it’s a game, and they’re so intent on eating all the food inside. Even my picky eater. As a mom who absolutely hates to hand wash things, I’m so grateful that a) the entire thing comes apart for washing and b) it’s completely dishwasher safe. This thing is awesome. One of a kind. I own five right now. Will probably be getting more in the future for when the baby is old enough to snack independently." —Jordan Christman

Promising review: "Seriously the best, most ingenious snack dispenser ever. It’s so simple and powerful. My girls love the power of choice, and pushing the button to make it spin! I love that it makes introducing new foods so easy. I just put a small portion in one section and they have the complete choice to try it or pass it. This snack spinner is so fun that they often surprise me with what they choose to eat first! Makes snacks on the go so simple. I feel empowered as a parent with this tool." —Colton Bragg

Get it from Amazon for $29.95 (available in three colors).

8. An anti-nail-biting pen that tastes sooo awful it'll basically make your kiddos want to 🤮 at the very thought of biting their nails or sucking their thumb *ever again* (which is exactly the point).,

Plus, it has anti-inflammatory ingredients like organic aloe leaf juice and organic eucalyptus leaf to soothe sore fingers.

Promising review: "I love this stuff!! It’s taste horrible, which was great to help stop my 4-year-old from biting her nails. In about three days she completely stopped now and her nails have grown.." —Denise Batista

Promising review: "OMG it works!! My 3 1/2 year old was a constant thumb sucker. Four days and she hasn't put her thumb in her mouth!! It's the worst taste ever but it works. We tell her we are painting her nails. We put it on during the day and at night. Best product around." —Natalie Plaza

Get it from Amazon for $16.95.

9. A bug bite suction tool invented by a mom that's worth the Shark Tank hype. This ingenious device sucks out all kinds of bug bites, instantly relieving itching and swelling, so your kids aren't left scratching.

A BuzzFeed editor's arm with a bite on it, the editor holding the suction tool and an after photo of the swelling reduced on the editor's arm.
Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "I got this just in time for a family camping trip, as my child and I are both highly allergic to mosquitoes and the bites swell up very badly. We both used this on our bites and I am shocked at the results! The bites did not swell up like they normally do, and the itching was reduced to a minimum. I am absolutely sold and would recommend this product to anyone with bug bite issues!" —dzmom

Get it from Amazon for $9.95 (available in three colors).

10. Speaking of Shark Tank products, a nifty car seat buckle release tool so you don't have to sacrifice your nails to unbuckle your child's seatbelt. Am I the only one who gets irrationally annoyed when it takes approx. 1 million tries to get them free?


Promising review: "OUTSTANDING! I am a young grandmother in my 50s and TIRED of breaking my nails on the car seat fasteners. Both my granddaughter and I LOVE this gadget. She keeps it tucked inside the pocket of her carseat. I never have to look for it. When we make it to our destination, I ask her to get it ready. In SECONDS the carseat is unbuckled. What a godsend! Truly, if we had been in an accident or other emergency, it would have taken me several attempts to free my granddaughter. I consider this a danger! This little device makes car seats enjoyable again. The color makes it easy to find and it fits logically right where it's supposed need to carry instructions. I cannot say enough about this product and would recommend it to everyone." —Winnie

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

11. A pack of bedsheet suspenders that'll keep fitted sheet corners in place so your child's bed doesn't look like a WWE wrestling match just took place on it.


Promising review: "My son is a restless sleeper, and every morning his fitted sheet would be off the bed...not kidding! I think I have ordered and tried every device out there to try to keep his sheets on. NOTHING else worked till now!! Seriously, since I began using these three months ago, the sheets have never come off the bed. I can't believe it! Let me explain further. Under my son's fitted sheet, we have a separate feather bed topper. Somehow, my son managed (while sleeping) to have the feather bed topper come out from underneath the sides of the fitted sheets, but the sheets REMAINED ON THE BED! Unbelievable! These sheet holders are the BEST!" —PrazHm

Get a pack of four from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in standard and extra-long sizes and in black, white, and pink).

12. An OmieBox aka a bento box with a thermos insert because you're fed up of your kids complaining about cold lunches. Now you can pack soup, sides, and a treat — all in one ingenious container., Amazon

Promising review: "Best lunch box ever! I microwave a mac and cheese cup in the morning, put it in the thermos bowl, and it's sill hot at lunchtime! Also, the bowl is the right size to hold it all. And we put strawberries and whipped cream in the compartment beside it and they stay cold. I was worried that hot and cold beside each other was going to be a big mistake, but it worked out great! Baby bananas fit in it also. My daughter says it’s the best lunch box ever!" —Ashley sapp

Get it from Amazon for $42.50.

13. A Melissa & Doug magnetic calendar that'll teach your preschooler the days of the week, months and the weather in a hands-on, interactive way. They'll jump out of bed eagerly to update it every morning.


Promising review: "My 4-year-old loves loves loves this! He gets excited to change the magnets every morning. I had some magnet strips and made additional magnets for activities (preschool, zoo, library, grandma's house). I am really happy I bought this, and it has helped teach him months, and days of the week. Determining the weather is fun too. One day we came home after school and he couldn't wait to change the weather from sunny to raining. I highly recommend this for preschoolers, it's a lot of fun." —Hammyg3

Get it from Amazon for $19.49.

14. A pack of sink extenders to save your back the strain of hoisting your little one over the sink. Not to mention they'll love the independence of washing their hands all by themselves.

Amazon, Amazon / Via

Promising review: "Love this faucet extender for our daughter’s sink. It has given her the independence of washing her hands & brushing her teeth. It’s so easy to pop on & off if we have guests over & we want it removed. And the price is absolutely phenomenal." —H_Crowell

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $10.95.

15. A rainbow-colored saucer swing that can be hung *indoors or outdoors* guaranteed to add swirling pops of color and become your toddler or teen's fave ~hangout~.


Promising review: "So first off my kids LOVE this swing! It has been one of the greatest purchases I have purchased so far for their playroom!!! We use it inside to keep them busy on rainy days or when they need to get their energy out! I give the swing itself 5 stars for sure!!!!" —Samantha Brooke Main

Get it from Amazon for $58.99.

16. Or a sensory swing designed with an extra spring, allowing bouncing up and down in addition to swinging — ideal for endless aerial acrobatic fun. Do they make an adult version?

Rest Nests

Rest Nets is a small biz based in Israel started by a mom who created these hammocks as a way to give parents "an extra pair of hands" for entertaining kids.

Promising review: "This swing is probably the best thing that has happened to our house since we renovated. My daughter can’t go to OT because of the pandemic, so we turned the basement into a sensory gym. This swing is amazing! It’s simple, safe, and versatile. My kids love it!" —Leanne A

Get it from Rest Nests on Etsy for $88 (available in 10 colors).

17. A super-soft baby blanket that does double duty as a backdrop to help capture every milestone from your baby's first year and take your Insta photo shoots to a whole other level of cute, y'all.


Bonus: The blanket comes with two milestone markers and an organic bandana bib.

Promising review: "We got this while I was pregnant. I've been using it every month. It is an adorable blanket and I like that it included days, weeks, months, and years on the blanket so I can continue taking pictures of my little peanut. It's a great way to keep memories. Size, texture, material are very very good quality." —nida yenilmez

Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

18. A canvas growth chart so you can keep track of your munchkin's height (who is growing up waayyy too fast 😢) without marking up the walls. Reviewers love that it can be rolled up and stored away as a cute keepsake.,

Promising review: "This is a very cute addition to our playroom! Looks nice and she loves measuring herself (daily)." —Truth

Promising review: "The designs on this are adorable and look great in my toddler's room. It's soooo tall, too. You'll be able to measure even your giant kids before they go off to college. It rolls up nice and small so it will be easy to store and take out when they are too big for the cutesy designs but you still want to torture them with your parental nostalgia." —Justina Schneeweis

Get it from Amazon for $9.87+.

19. A Zombie Pack for days when the little ones have tested you to the max and you feel like a zombie but don't want to look like one. This lifting, pore-tightening mask works intensely to rejuvenate your skin and give you a just-came-out-of-the-spa glow.

Promising review: "I’ll be honest. I don’t write reviews very often. Today was especially a hard day working from home, not sleeping last night, an 18-month-old and a 3-year-old. I was feeling beat! My skin was sure showing the stress. I had LOW expectations — no way this could make me feel better but I decided to treat myself at least a little. Well, was I in for a BIG surprise! I was FaceTiming my mom, also my BFF, during the tightening. I sure was scared, we both thought this would be perfect for a Halloween night! LOL! But as soon as I rinsed it off... WOW! My mom was asking all about it! She will try it too! LOL! I will surely continue using it! Please leave this awesome product at this awesome price! Greatly appreciated by tired mommies like me!! Gracias!!" —TAYD3

Get a set of eight masks from Amazon for $23.99

20. A clever sight word Bingo game; if you've ever asked yourself, "How do I take the frustration out of learning sight words and make it FUN?" then this game is for you.

Word board with chips, cards, and packaging

The set comes with 36 playing cards, 264 playing chips, caller's mat and cards, and a storage box. This version is a fun twist on the classic, but instead of calling out numbers, the leader calls out words (there are 46 most-used words), players search their cards for a match and place a red chip on the match. Once a player has covered the spaces on their card needed to win, they call BINGO! 

Promising review: "Our first-grader was feeling really discouraged with her sight words and I've been trying to think of ways to encourage her and get her excited to learn things she doesn't already know. She loved this game! We played with the whole family and her 3-year-old sister even enjoyed playing (we show her the cards and have her find the word that matches on her Bingo card). I think this is a great way to make learning/practicing sight words fun! I am very happy with this purchase and I can see how it would be great for teachers in the classroom as well!!" —Jennie

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

21. And a wooden puzzle equivalent to playing Tetris but in tactile form that'll ~exercise their brain~ without any screen time.


Reviewer's say this is a great toy for ages 3 to 12.

Promising review: "This puzzle has been a huge hit with my 4-year-old and 6-year-old grandsons. Each was able to play with it in a unique and challenging way. The quality is great and it is light weight as well so it is easy to store and get out." —BoiseMom

Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

22. A pack of diaper booster pads if you're on the verge of losing it because your munchkin has been waking up every single night with pee-soaked pajamas. These clever inserts will absorb the *flood* to stop diaper leaks ONCE AND FOR ALL.


Promising review: "Oh my goodness these are a LIFESAVER. My 2-year-old pees a lot overnight and was leaking through his overnight diapers every night. His pants would get soaked and I would have to change him in the middle of the night or feel horrible letting him sleep in his own pee. Then I read about these booster pads so I thought I'd give them a try. It totally worked. My kid doesn't leak through anymore. I would definitely recommend this for heavy night wetters." —Christine

Get a three-pack of 90 pads from Amazon for $32.99.

23. A Melissa & Doug activity book with a pair of safe scissors to channel their (*cough* destructive) energy into a creative activity that'll put their fine motor skills to test.


Promising review: "Scissors skills are important both in and of themselves and because it strengthens the hand muscles to be used for learning to write. My 4-year-old LOVES this book. We received it this week and she has used it for a couple of hours each day. Many of the pages are cutting things out and putting them together (four-scoop ice cream cone, pizza with pepperonis, the components to build a house or a car, puzzles). We've used tape or glue to put the components together. This book is interesting enough to have caught the attention of my older children as well, although I make them let her do the cutting. :D Would make a great gift as it is so unique." —Mom of 7

Get it from Amazon for $6.49.

24. A portable vibrating pad you can tuck in a crib mattress, bassinet, car seat, or stroller to create gentle vibrations to help your munchkin drift off just about anywhere. No more driving desperately around the block playing CoComelon's "Yes Yes Bedtime Song" on repeat to get them to sleep.


BTW, it's not just for babies; adult reviewers swear by it too.

Promising review: "Ummmm this thing is MAGIC! My 2-month-old was able to sleep through the night in her Rock 'n Play but did NOT like her crib for some reason. So I got this just to see if it would work. And oh did it work! I put it under her crib mattress and not only did she NOT cry when I left the room, but she fell asleep in five minutes. No paci either!" —Lauren

Promising review: "This is honestly one of our most-used baby items. We keep it in the car seat but also use it went when traveling to soothe baby to rest. People are always asking what it is and I gladly show them and recommend it. It gets daily use at our house." —J. Behnke

Get it from Amazon for $19.

25. An Angry Mama cleaner that'll literally ~let off some steam~ to clean a grimy microwave. Just fill her head with vinegar and water and watch her get to work pretty darn aggressively. (If only she could yell at your kids for not using a dish cover 😡.)

Promising review: "This was a perfect gift for my busy and overworked daughter. While she's at work her family seems to create disasters in their microwave oven! This gift has led her boys to finally clean their messes in the microwave. Now their mama is much happier. It's easy to use and inspires family members to clean up after themselves more often. Now her microwave doesn't look like a failed science project! This is sturdy, plus make cleanup fun.." —Happy Nana

Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in packs of one or two and in four colors)

26. A Whiskware pancake batter mixer with a BlenderBall wire whisk that'll let you whip up a batch of pancakes at lightning speed on hectic mornings — no separate mixing bowl, messy spoons, or batter-coated countertops. Simply add your ingredients, shake, and pour from the spout. Breakfast's ready 😋!


Promising review: "This is the best breakfast invention after the waffle maker. LOVE IT! As someone who makes pancakes or waffles three to four times a week (my kids are pretty spoiled, but breakfast is key to getting through the first part of the school day), this is the easiest and fastest way to get that done. I just add everything to the bottle, shake, and pour into the waffle maker or griddle. When I am done, just add some water, shake again, empty, and then place everything in the dishwasher." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

27. A cradle cap comb for removing dry skin from your bubba's scalp ~oh so gently~ using soft rubber bristles and a fine-toothed comb.

A baby's head with dry scales on the left and the same baby's head looking smoother and flake-free on the right

New parents, don't panic. Cradle cap — aka seborrheic dermatitis — is a very common dry scalp condition that affects infants.

Promising review: "The pictures posted here are legit. It makes removal so much easier and gives more consistent removal than my previous method of washcloths or just scratching the cradle cap off with my fingernails. It’s amazing and gross and wonderful. My babe doesn’t even flinch when I spend 10 minutes clearing his scalp of all the goo. It seems to be soothing to him. I just apply baby shampoo, then brush a little with the blue brush. Then I slowly start to comb in sections all in one direction. Then I go back and forth in multiple directions. It’s shocking the amount of dead skin that comes off. I’ve even used it successfully in his eyebrows (he gets some cradle cap there, too). This is a KEEPER!" —ZMomUtah

Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

28. And a detangling brush that'll glide through knots to turn your kiddo's daily hair-brushing ordeal into a painless experience minus the *ouchies or tears* (for both of you). Just trust the 40,000+ people who gave it a 5-star review.


Reviewers swear this brush works on all hair types: straight, wavy, or curly (from 3a–4c hair).

Promising review: "I'm a single dad of a 6-year-old girl and combing her hair is the hardest part of taking care of her. She gets really bad knots in her hair. This brush is the only thing that has ever worked. Thank you so much. She even likes to comb her own hair now." —Nguyen P.

Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in six colors).

29. A sandwich cutter and sealer so you can make your own Smucker's Uncrustables copycats at home without spending nearly $10 for a box. Prepare for your life to be *utterly butterly* changed.


Promising review: "These have been a GAME CHANGER in this house!! My son has always begged me for Uncrustables but my wallet didn’t agree with them. I LOVE being able to make them at home and customize them to exactly what they would like them filled with! I make two weeks' worth of sandwiches at a time and store them in sandwich bags in the freezer so in the morning during the school year we can just grab and go! Love them!" —Katherine Smaczniak

Get it from Amazon for $19.96.

30. A clear shower curtain liner with roomy mesh pockets to not only keep that expensive shampoo out of reach from the kiddos, but also use the lower pockets to store the absurd amount of toys cluttering up the tub ledge.


Promising review: "Brilliant. This is exactly what I was hoping for! My kids’ bathroom doesn’t have any shelf space in the bath/shower for shampoos and soaps, let alone toys and sponges! So this is a dream! Drains well, easy to clean when needed (rarely though), and fun for the kids." —A

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

31. And a suction cup bath mat, because the combo of wet kiddos, rough play, and slippery bathtub floors is nerve-wracking to say the least 😱.

A child model sitting on the non-slip mat in the bathtub

Promising review: "We had to replace our kids old bath mat because it started to look as if mildew was growing on it. The main reason we chose this one was it has holes that allow it to dry more fully. We always wipe it down and hang it off to the side so that all the water can run off and it can fully dry. This material doesn’t soak up water like our previous bath mat. I also love that it covers the area around the drain hole because for some reason my toddler loves to sit right there in the corner. He also has a bad habit of standing up and has even tried jumping around and dancing in the tub. Luckily this mat is textured and he has yet to slip. This extra-long mat covers the whole length of the tub and keeps our kids safe. Great buy." —Sue

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in eight colors).

32. A machine washable coloring tablecloth that'll actually get bored babes to sit still during mealtimes.

The Coloring Table

The Coloring Table is a small biz based in San Antonio, Texas.

Promising review: "The kiddos love it, and even the adults started coloring. Fun, fun, fun. Will see how it washes up, but so far very nice product!" —jatandra

Get it from The Coloring Table on Etsy for $29.99+ (available in three sizes).

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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