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    15 Back-To-School Supplies To Buy In Bulk That'll Save You Money All Year Long

    Because the beginning of school year doesn't need to break the bank.

    1. A pack of Elmer's glue sticks because let's face it, kids go through glue like it's *candy.* With this value pack, you can ~stick~ with a tried and true brand at nearly the same price as its generic (aka clumpy!) counterparts.

    2. A pack of cult status Crayola crayons to ensure each one of your kids (or students!) has an *infinite supply* and to save you from listening to them squabble over crayons ever again.

    Several packs of crayons sitting next to a shipping box

    3. Or a pack of pre-sharpened Crayola colored pencils that are always *on point* for any classroom art project. ~Color me happy.~

    24 packs of colored pencils

    4. A pack of waterproof name labels to Marie Kondo the heck out of your kid's supplies and to add a hint of ~pearly sparkle~ to their return to school.

    5. A pack of Play-Doh that'll last for months and inspire hours of ooey gooey creative fun during class, at recess and even after school's out.

    6. A pack of solid essential low-cut kids' socks to ~sock up~ on before the school year and to prevent those mad scrambles in the morning to find a sock's missing buddy.

    15 pairs of white socks

    7. A pack of folders to save you the agony of running from store to store trying to find the colors you need (Why are they always sold out?!?).

    Reviewer's photo showing the folders in yellow, orange, red, blue and green

    8. A pack of #2 pencils made with high-quality wood that come *pre-sharpened* because "I enjoy sharpening pencils" — said no parent, ever.

    A brown box containing150 pencils

    9. A pack of leak-proof water bottles perfectly sized for backpacks, lunch boxes and cupholders with a handy wrist sling and a spout that's easy to snap open and close. Oh..and they're such a bargain, you won't have a total meltdown when your kiddo inevitably loses a bottle (or two). *Sigh*

    10. A pack of vivid dry-erase markers so you're well-equipped to solve (or teach!) math problems on whiteboards. Reviewers swear these last *wayyyyy* longer than Expo markers.

    11. A pack of felt tip pens so ~ink-credible~ they won't bleed through paper and so vibrant that they'll add a little pizzazz to note-taking or grading papers.

    12. A pack of college-ruled pastel colored notebooks (with perforated edges that make tearing out pages a breeze!) that are both pretty *and* practical.

    13. A pack of Sharpie highlighters proven to help you ace that biology test. Just kidding — but these will def make studying a lot less painful.

    A box of fluorescent yellow highlighters

    14. A pack of erasers to reassure your little scholar that it's 100% ok to make mistakes and to ensure they can still turn in flawless homework assignments...without any smudges left behind.

    15. A pack of soft and stretchy Fruit of the Loom underwear with 20,000 5-star reviews (!!!) made from 100% cotton that'll give your kids full coverage without pinching or riding up. Reviewers swear these stand up to frequent machine washing.

    20 pieces of underwear in black, pink, grey and tan colors