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18 Things That Happen Every Finals Week

As told by Ron Swanson.

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1. "Should we start studying early?"

2. Finals approaching, friends ask if you're ready

3. But then you learn it will be cumulative

4. You have taken the liberty of stashing food throughout the library so as to optimize snack breaks

5. But then procrastination hits. 3 hours and countless buzzfeed quizzes later

6. TAs ultimately ask how the studying is going

7. You try to keep up appearances

8. And your best friend tells you you're killin it

9. But then the day comes when meals should be consumed in private.

10. And each morning feels like the end.

11. Naturally, you begin to question your major.

12. Friends verify your identity only after close inspection.

13. And when the cute boy you've been texting approaches you in the library, fight or flight kicks in.

14. You summon your best friend to say farewells. The hit man you ordered to put you out of your misery is now on their way.

15. With your final looming, generalizations become your friend

16. People will try to say hi to you in passing

17. TA passes you the exam at which point you stare blankly at the line labeled "name"

18. Finals are over. Your closest friends begin to argue how you shall collectively celebrate

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