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People Are Making A Living As Virtual Cops And It’s Actually Insane

Today's most entertaining crime show is improvised live on the internet.

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You’ve probably heard of the Grand Theft Auto games, where you can live out a fictional life of crime.

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Grand Theft Auto V has grossed over $2 billion, and it remains in the top 5 bestselling games of all time. Pretty decent.

Recently, this clip of streamer MiltonTPike1 roleplaying as fashion critic "Kiki Chanel" gained a ton of buzz.

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"I'm not gonna follow your orders dad!"

It turns out that there are hundreds of people like MiltonTPike1 who play on a Grand Theft Auto server dedicated to realism and serious roleplaying.

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Many personalities livestream their adventures on, while others prefer to polish their content for YouTube.

Another popular streamer is SheriffEli, or "Eli Thompson," a tough but wisecracking southern cop.

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Eli is a retired cop in real life, and you can tell. The roleplaying is so good that it's always like watching an episode of Cops (but it's more like Reno 911!) He livestreams on Twitch due to popular demand from fans, who even crowdfunded him a new computer for this purpose.

It's so real that you actually learn a lot.

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The details are important for immersion, so you'll notice players taking care to add touches like stopping at stop signs and gesturing as they talk. Eli uses his knowledge of real world law to demonstrate educational tidbits for his viewers, such as the best formations to stand in while interrogating a suspect.

There are a slew of other personalities, including a gang of scoundrels called the "Leanbois," who have a large fan following.

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The Leanbois are a colorful group who are always up to hijinks and weaving entertaining narratives. My favorite delinquent is Reginald Bigglesby, a posh-voiced sweet talker who loves short shorts.

But it's more than just a hobby for these roleplaying personalities.

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Streamers can make money off of tips, channel subscriptions, merchandise, and more. Viewers only have to chip in a few bucks to get their name and donation read aloud. Popular personalities make thousands, more than enough for roleplaying to become their full time job; Sheriff Eli is "on duty" 40 hrs/week.

And here's a cinematic fan-edit of some of the action. Every day is like watching what's basically an improvised movie.

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See what's going on at any given moment here, or watch some archives on Sheriff Eli's YouTube. You can even get the game and join in yourself! But be warned, it's addictive.

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