11 "The Office" Moments That Are Incredibly Moving

    This proves Jim literally makes me cry every two seconds. Spoilers ahead.

    1. When Jim told Pam how he really felt:

    2. When Michael showed up for Pam's art show:

    3. When Dwight comforts Pam in the hallway:

    4. When Jim comforts Dwight after the Sprinkles incident:

    5. Jim's proposal to Pam:

    6. When Jim finds out Pam is pregnant:

    7. When Jim cuts his tie to match Pam's veil.

    8. The entire "Goodbye, Michael" episode:

    9. When Jim and Pam make up after the sports company fiasco:

    10. When Jim shows Pam *the* video:

    11. And finally, the entire finale episode:

    So, what are your thoughts? Are there any other Office moments that hit you right in the gut? Let me know in the comments below.