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10 Times Soccer Broke The Laws Of Physics

Today is the day soccer disproves physics. Good luck dealing with the mind explosions. If you recover, catch more insane soccer from July 24 - August 4 at the International Champions Cup!

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1. Gravity doesn't manipulate this object; this object manipulates gravity:

Manchester United Football Club / Via Relevent Sports

Not even the keeper can compete with the power of physics.

2. An object traveling in a straight line cannot change direction, they said:

Inter Milan / Via Relevent Sports

Until this happened, then everything changed.

3. Instead of paying attention to kinematics in high school physics, this guy just kicked stuff.

Inter Milan / Via Relevent Sports

His teacher never thought he would amount to anything, but clearly this worked out for him in the end.

4. You know, we never believed in precognition until we saw these guys:

Real Madrid / Via Relevent Sports

They move as if they already knew where the ball was going to end up. This is just too much to handle right now.

5. Did the ball go in the left side or the right side of the goal? Or both?

Real Madrid / Via Relevent Sports

It's Schrödingers Cat, but for soccer!

6. Did you know a well-placed bicycle kick can break the sound barrier?

Inter Milan / Via Relevent Sports

Typically it can't. But with this guy, physics has to step aside.

7. Force is equivalent to mass multiplied by acceleration... except when you introduce this guy to the equation:

AS Roma / Via Relevent Sports

Then it's just sheer force of will.

8. Things don't curve like that in real life!

AS Roma / Via Relevent Sports

It's dark magic, we tell you! DARK MAGIC!

9. This guy manages to thwart air resistance until the last possible moment. Poor keeper.

AS Roma / Via Relevent Sports

Air resistance is such a drag, amirite?!

10. Friction never stood a chance against this fellow:

Inter Milan / Via Relevent Sports

What better way is there to prove that you earned that goal?!