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22 Things No Woman Should Ever Apologise For

Because you shouldn't feel guilty. Because you should feel strong. #BecauseNoReason

1. Not smiling.

2. Taking a long time to get ready.

3. Wearing makeup...

4. Not wanting to be a bridesmaid.

5. For being super feminine and liking feminine things.

6. For disagreeing.

7. Or raising your voice.

8. Crying.

9. Getting angry.

10. When someone else bumps into you.

11. For having sex.

12. Asking for a raise.

13. For having a couple of errant hairs.

14. Wanting to get married.

15. Not wanting to get married.

16. Wanting kids.



Four, actually, and a chocolate labrador.

17. Not wanting kids.


This is also entirely OK.

18. Wanting dessert.

19. Being sensitive.

20. Having a period.

21. For that matter, having a body.

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And wanting to do things with it that others may disagree with.

22. And for trusting your gut rather than reason.

Stop apologising.

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