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15 Moments You Experience On Every Girls' Night Out

"Can we go and get food yet?" Do your next girls' night right with Chambord. Because no reason.

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1. When 5pm comes around and you start getting excited.

2. When you're all waiting for the one friend who's ALWAYS late.


Get your act together, Rachel.

3. SURPRISE! It was actually you because you couldn't get your stupid eyeliner even.


You really nailed that one side though.

4. When you're all having so much fun at pres and you contemplate whether to go out at all.

Jess Mendes / courtesy of Nikki Jackson

Why is going through someone else's wardrobe SO amusing?

5. When you feel like a total baller at the start of the night.

Jess Mendes / PBnJESS
Jess Mendes / PBnJESS


6. When you check your bank balance the next day and can’t remember what it feels like to have money.


7. When you're all too excited and keep talking over the top of each other REALLY LOUDLY.

Jamaica Dancehall TV (CC BY 3.0) / Via

Especially if it has been a while since you've all been out together.

8. When you take an excessive amount of group selfies…


It's about quantity, not quality.

9. ...most of which MUST BE DELETED. / Via

It's ~literally~ impossible to take one that everyone is happy with.

10. When you bond with the girls you meet in the bathroom line and they become your new besties.

Besties for the night, at least.
Mike Harrington / Via Getty Images

Besties for the night, at least.

11. When you and your girlfriend get locked in a D&M that lasts for hours.

"I know I don't say this enough but I really do love you."

12. When a guy comes up and tries to infiltrate your group.

Bravo / Via

"May we help you?"

13. Because the only stranger you want to speak to is the DJ.


14. When the DJ finally plays your song and you can't find your friends.

15. And when you can't decide what you feel like eating so you order all of the foods.


Just to be safe.

It's about time you got all the girls together again. Why? Because no reason.

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