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    Posted on May 5, 2017

    12 Clues That Prove Chandler Bing Was The First Customer Success Manager

    Could he *be* any more before his time?

    1. Okay, maybe he didn't call it "customer success" per se.

    NBC / Via

    But *we* know what he meant.

    2. He worked around the clock for his customers.

    NBC / Via

    Churn doesn't sleep. NEITHER DID CHANDLER.

    3. He had strong awareness of his core competencies.

    4. His friends didn't always get what he did for a living.

    NBC / Via

    Ugh, it's success *not* support. Jeez guys.

    5. ...Not that it's the easiest to describe it to them.

    NBC / Via

    When you're part of a constantly evolving industry this answer can get pretty tricky.

    6. He understood NPS before anyone else.

    NBC / Via

    Look at him. So data driven. Finger on the ~Pulse.~ (...Get it? GET IT?)

    7. He had acronyms for everything.

    NBC / Via

    Better your W.E.N.U.S. than your A.R.R., amirite?

    8. He basically invented the feedback loop.

    NBC / Via

    And his long game? Solid. *Chandler+Mon 4ever*

    9. He was a master of the cross-sell.

    NBC / Via

    Who could say no to reasoning like this? *brilliant*

    10. He pushed the marketing and product departments to the limits.

    NBC / Via


    11. He knew how to build close relationships quickly.

    NBC / Via


    12. And when it comes to retention, he knew nothing beats transparency.

    NBC / Via

    Well. At least *most* of the time.

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