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    12 Clues That Prove Chandler Bing Was The First Customer Success Manager

    Could he *be* any more before his time?

    1. Okay, maybe he didn't call it "customer success" per se.

    2. He worked around the clock for his customers.

    3. He had strong awareness of his core competencies.

    4. His friends didn't always get what he did for a living.

    5. ...Not that it's the easiest to describe it to them.

    6. He understood NPS before anyone else.

    7. He had acronyms for everything.

    8. He basically invented the feedback loop.

    9. He was a master of the cross-sell.

    10. He pushed the marketing and product departments to the limits.

    11. He knew how to build close relationships quickly.

    12. And when it comes to retention, he knew nothing beats transparency.