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    Fluffy Dogs That Would Make The Best Valentines

    Roses are good, Chocolates are fine. If you want my heart, bring me Puppies and Wine. These Instagram doodles are all you need to get you through VDay. #doodsbeforedudes

    This dood who will make you stare into his eyes all day

    This pupper has the right idea!

    This pup's got some succulents for your tender heart.

    This cutie melting hearts with that pawfect head tilt

    Swipe right at first sight!

    This handsome guy who just wants to cuddle with you on the couch

    This confident dood who knows he has choices.

    This top dog of good lovin'.

    This ray of sunshine that will shower you with roses

    The dood who has the pawfect poster.

    This pupper's come straight from Venus, a present from the goddess of love.

    These two who are totally love struck.

    This dood who knows the real value of Valentine's day is all the food.

    This pupper who is so ready for date night!

    This dood who knows it's important to make a lady laugh.

    Because there's no better treat than this dood.

    He lit the fire with that irresistible spark.

    This dood who knows your weakness.

    That smile tho.

    This dood who's already found a way into your heart!

    This dood who would make THE perfect Bachelor

    These BFF's that prove your friends are your real valentines

    This sweetheart who just wants to make you smile

    This dood who is laying his cards on the table

    This doodette who wants all the X's and O's

    He may not be saying "I love you," but his eyes don't lie

    This dood should write a book on the charm offensive.

    The dood knows the value of cuddles by the fire.

    And finally, these bedroom eyes!