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These Photos Will Put Bangladesh On Your Bucket-List

Bangladesh is a small country located in South-Asia. Like many other countries, Bangladesh has been categorized by mainstream media and Pop-culture as a developing, third-world nation. The preservation of this reputation that Bangladesh has been labeled as has stifled its chances of ever becoming a place where the average Jet-setter would ever think twice about visiting. So sit back, relax and take a look at the real Bangladesh.

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3. There's bodies of water everywhere

Shaiful A.

Bangladesh is riddled with lakes, rivers, and streams. Bodies of water both large and small can be found throughout the country. This geographical make-up ensures that the shortest of drives are made into short adventures!

6. The Sundarbans

The Sundarbans is a large forest that stretches through a number of Bangladeshi and Indian Districts. The most-fascinating thing about the Sundarbans is that it is home to the endangered Bengal Tiger.

Joy Bangla!

Bangladesh is definitely a place that should be on one's bucket list. Although these photos are enough to reel the most adventurous travelers in, the heart of Bangladesh is its people, their history, culture, and most importantly the hospitality that they offer anyone.

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