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  • This Is A Story About A Boy Named Lucky Levin

    Yesterday at 7:50 PM my dog Lucky ran into the street and was hit by oncoming traffic and he didn’t make it. The life that he lived, a life that brought so many people so much joy, came to a sudden unexpected and devastating end. He was only five years old. He lived a life full of love and brought joy to many including myself. I will never forget you little buddy.

  • Blogger Chaim Levin Sues Family Member Over Alleged Abuse

    New York City’s Orthodox Jewish community has been shaken by allegations of sexual abuse by Chaim Levin, a gay Jewish blogger. Levin, who runs the site Gotta Give ‘Em Hope (named after a Harvey Milk quote), is suing his cousin for allegedly abusing him from 1996 through 1999, beginning when Levin was six years old. Levin is suing Sholom Eichler in civil case brought to a Brooklyn court. Eichler works at a prominent, family-run Judaica store in New York City. As the New York Post points out, sexual abuse charges in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community are becoming more frequent. Read more here.

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